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Discussion & Time Stamps

0:00 Updates To Team Zen Membership Directory
6:26 Happiness Leaks
12:36 George Floyd commentary
23:24 My husband gets angry and I’m not sure how to facilitate repair
44:24 My 10 year old daughter is angry


The End of Meat Is Here

Tribe Men’s Group


12:11:19 From Kimmee Sauerwine : That’s awesome!!! Thank you so much for this!!
12:12:24 From Cathy Adams : who has a question/wants support, etc….
12:15:40 From Anita : 🎈🎈🎈
12:15:55 From Joe Locey : Good to see yall! Our neighborhoods here in South Minneapolis have been on fire and ransacked all night, and I’m exhausted today from being up late keeping an eye on things and making sure friends are safe
12:17:09 From Cathy Adams : care to share, joe?
12:17:37 From Anita : Oh no! That is awful!
12:17:48 From Jennifer : That is really scary, Joe. What a difficult time. So glad you’re safe. Sending healing thoughts to your city.
12:18:48 From Emily Chang : sending you warm thoughts Joe!
12:19:26 From Joe Locey : I think I’d like to just listen, but thanks!
12:19:37 From lpesce : so sorry this is happening at all…and extra difficult in your area, Joe
12:20:24 From lpesce : thank you, I want to go through that list with my family
12:22:15 From Joe Locey : Thanks! All of that is awesome, but it feels exhausting when you are so close to it. I think I’d like to hear what and how the other people are doing to make lasting change
12:25:18 From Joe Locey : Yes! I would love to see the ‘ripple effects.’ We can’t stop or fix things in the moment, but knowing that people are watching and responding in ways that make positive change is very helpful to feel some relief of the pressure here in the center
12:27:35 From Cathy Adams : who has a question? i know you’re out there 🙂
12:28:15 From lpesce : speaking of unlearning…trying to have better modeling at home for daughters but challenged as spouse struggles there due to his abuse and upbringing so want to know how best to help them unlearn some of those bad habits (not circling back to apologize and just avoid and don’t express feelings)
12:28:27 From Ashley B : when you can wrap your heads around it – there is also policy advocacy – find an organization with a policy agenda – here is Chicago and Illinois https://scy-chicago.org/policy-agenda/
12:28:27 From Joe Locey : If nothing else we could talk about how to talk to kids about this
12:28:37 From Helen Chisholm to Cathy Adams(Privately) : hello
I have a question about an angry girl.
12:29:21 From Anita : I was going to “complain” about my grouchy husband… But seems less important… 🙄
12:39:05 From Joe Locey : I’ve been that person at times. I needed to figure out what was going on with me, and it was a lot easier once I stopped placing blame and projecting, and realized that.
12:40:28 From Joe Locey : I had some leftover childhood neglect and abuse that I needed to bring to light and work through
12:43:10 From Joe Locey : If he can open up to some therapies, it would probably help him get through it much easier. Especially if he can see that he is doing it for his daughters and you as well
12:44:37 From Joe Locey : If you can help him connect to other men, like the group or the tribe etc
12:46:02 From Joe Locey : The AIR page and Daring To Heal have lots of resources too
12:46:15 From Joe Locey : ZPR
12:52:53 From lpesce : Great insights, Joe. tk you so much for your message and ideas and expression of what you go through
12:54:52 From Anita : Thanks for the advice about husbands, mine is much more the silent type, holding grudges, not expressing himself… But lots of those points are applicable
12:55:50 From MaryEllen Johnson : Thank you! I always want to find out what it is….I don’t need to! That helped me so much
12:58:20 From Kimmee Sauerwine : That’s my favorite quote!
13:01:02 From lpesce : love those recommendation sharing
13:01:09 From lpesce : tks all. have great days!