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Discussion & Time Stamps

4:27 I’m sad because I’m overwhelmed

22:29 How do I express anger in a healthy way?

42:18 My 13 year old daughter  refuses to apologize to her brothers when she hurts them.


Tribe Men’s Group

Above & Below The Line

Brene Brown on blame


12:04:29 From Cathy Adams : i feel buzzing in my hands and it’s a feeling of joy
12:05:16 From RDChishoHe : Hello everyone 🙂
12:06:08 From carrie : Hi everyone! This is my first live Team Zen chat—calling in from Switzerland (so I’m not day drinking…!)
12:06:17 From mimi6 : hi
12:06:50 From Kristen : Lol Carrie. I totally noticed that but I wouldn’t judge if you were!
12:07:15 From SHAUN EMERSON : Me too…I was thinking i had to swap my coffee for wine!
12:08:27 From RDChishoHe : Hello Carrie, where are you?
12:08:37 From RDChishoHe : I’m in Lausanne..
12:08:46 From carrie : Basel, Switzerland. But I’m from Michigan.
12:08:48 From Cathy Adams : who is going after lauren?
12:16:45 From Alicia Schultz : I just want to say that I too have had a recurrence of emotions similar to postpartum of my first. so you are not alone Lauren.
12:17:07 From Cesa Schmidt : Lauren – We watch TV 1/week “normally” but now we watch TV every day. You’re not alone in your sadness either.
12:18:58 From Kristen : I remember feeling that loss for my oldest when I had my 3rd, when she did so much help so much to help out.
12:19:48 From RDChishoHe : It is like when am I going to feel overwelmed during the day…not IF
12:20:28 From carrie : Lauren, what you’re going through is normal…these are unprecedented times. What is normal for this? What ‘should’ things look like? You clearly have such heartfelt, good intentions with your kids. Give yourself some room to not be ‘perfect.’ You are doing fine! And you are definitely not alone in your grief. Stay strong, sista!
12:20:41 From Cesa Schmidt : We watch every day when I stop work so I can work out and get dinner ready. My 2.5 yo will get bored and come help me while my almost 5yo binge watches Paw Patrol. lol
12:20:42 From Alicia Schultz : yes! one kid watched a movie this morning. the other needed play. we went with their needs.
12:23:11 From Cathy Adams : who is next?
12:23:43 From Kristen : Transition to 3 is hard! Especially under these circumstances!!
12:23:55 From RDChishoHe : I have a question about anger
12:24:08 From RDChishoHe : but only if there are no others..
12:24:22 From RDChishoHe : Don’t want to hog the questions
12:24:26 From milliehsi : I feel like this challenging time is teaching us (forcing us) to learn to really let go and learn acceptance EVERY SINGLE DAY! I’m still working on ‘surrendering’…truly surrendering…every day.
12:25:06 From Anita Fudalewski : Every stage of parenthood is hugely challenging!!
12:29:24 From Lauren Burke : Thanks everyone for all of your kind words. Really means a lot!
12:31:03 From Cathy Adams : millie- will you find it?
12:31:36 From milliehsi : Brene Brown video on blame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZWf2_2L2v8
12:32:03 From Cathy Adams : who is going after helen?
12:33:45 From Nicki’s iPhone : ooh love that anger is our boundaries have been pushed
12:36:54 From Joe Locey : Above the line/ below the line has been so helpful to me also, can you post that video again please? I think we could all use that right now!! I feel like we are in a time that is deeply challenging our self awareness around our family life!
12:38:36 From carrie : When my husband ‘makes me angry’ I stop myself and ask (in my head): “Oh that’s curious…why am I reacting like that when he does that?” So, it’s about me…hope that makes sense. 🙂
12:41:47 From Cathy Adams : who is up?
12:44:14 From milliehsi : I can ask something.
12:51:03 From RDChishoHe : Above the line & below the line https://youtu.be/fLqzYDZAqCI?t=14s
12:54:27 From Nicki’s iPhone : totally feel you Helen, my 15 year old daughter is “hurting” my son by ignoring him. she locked her door all Easter and would not engage, in walks, dinners, games and my son is mourning the loss. it is heart breaking
12:54:29 From Joe Locey : I wonder if she may be exploring her own apology language. Gary Chapman’s books have really opened me up to this and helped me feel less frustrated and more curious. “What do you need?” Love languages for kids, and When Sorry isn’t Enough – both on audible , etc
12:55:15 From Edwina : Could it be that she is feeling shame instead of guilt and using that to shut things down
12:57:40 From Joe Locey : Also, I hear how difficult this feels! I definitely deal with this with my 13yr old daughter and 7yr old son, and I’ve learned it takes time and understanding
12:58:44 From Edwina : have you asked her why?
12:59:51 From Joe Locey : Sounds like my therapist lol!
12:59:58 From mimi6 : thank you for everything guys!!!
13:00:00 From Cesa Schmidt : Have to go to a client meeting. Thanks all for another great call! 🙂
13:00:20 From RDChishoHe : Got to go folks. Have a good one:)
13:01:05 From milliehsi : Thank you, everyone, for your contributions and suggestions!!!
13:03:53 From milliehsi : I love “yikes”. I just it in emails and texts all the time. Will have to verbalize it now!!
13:04:09 From Tina : I can’t wait to reread the ideas you just gave Millie, I think they apply to my college student home who wants to just eat doritos from the bag and ramen all the time. It’s hard for me to see bc I love her and want her to take care of herself.