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Discussion & Time Stamps

2:49 Cathy’s update on things that have been helpful

10:44 Good News

12:45 I want to expose my kids to good life skills- how do I go about it without losing my s$%*?

20:30 Jennifer is feeling guilty because I am not productive, I’m only surviving

25:00 The mom from Little House on the Prairie

28:21 Lisa is trying to be normal and has been pushing down her feelings, until now 😊

33:54 Cathy’s turn to cry

36:40 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

37:50 Toilet paper talk

40:05 Kelsey is 38 week’s pregnant and is checking in

41:12 Millie doesn’t know how to encourage her teenager to go outside

50:28 Nicki feels responsible for the well-being of the people she helps.  Where the proper balance?


Michael Singer Mini-Course

Mini Course Part 1

Mini Course Part 2

Mini Course Part 3

Byron Katie’s The Work Zen Talks


12:01:59               From  Dawn Dockey : All over the map!

12:02:07               From  Anita Fudalewski : Oh no Millie!!

12:02:19               From  LisaP : between 3-5 depending on minute !

12:02:21               From  jolene : 3-4

12:03:02               From  Anita Fudalewski : we lost you for a bit…

12:04:19               From  Dawn Dockey : AWESOME tip

12:05:32               From  Todd Adams : who wants to ask the first question?

12:06:38               From  Anita Fudalewski : Hubby wants us to get a new puppy!

12:07:12               From  Dawn Dockey : Introvert’s dream!! Ha

12:12:29               From  Jennifer : I have something.

12:15:15               From  Anita Fudalewski : Mine too

12:17:07               From  Anita Fudalewski : What about all the household stuff?? Everyone is home which equals more dishes, more messes, etc…

12:17:31               From  Anita Fudalewski : Lots more burden on mom…

12:17:53               From  Millie   to   Todd Adams(Privately) : Hey Todd & Cathy, I will likely not be able to talk bc I’m working on schoolwork with my kids. May I ask my question here and maybe you guys can get to it if there’s time? We have been e-learning since a week ago. How do we get a teenager (13) to get outside and get physical activity? Without PE and the after school activity that used to be her only physical activities, we cannot motivate her to get outside. I’ve tried saying it’s our “family values” to get outside and get fresh air, and that this is new to all of us. She refuses to take walks with us. She MIGHT go in the backyard but only if someone else is there with her and sometimes that’s really hard (bc I’m maybe working with the boys or making food, etc) but even then, she’s resistant. What other ideas might you have to motivate a very stubborn 13-year-old right now? In general, her attitude is fairly negative about family connection time. I hate dangling screen time or some other thing to “make” her do it. We’re only getting started with this new norm

12:23:13               From  kelseyholt : AGREED Jennifer!! I feel overwhelmed a lot and like I’m spinning in circles. It’s hard to just sit down and read and relax.

12:25:12               From  LisaP : I am with you, Jennifer!  My anxiety is there minute to minute.  My extroverted husband is a HANDFUL and in pain… returned from Italy after seeing his mother with Alzheimers and watching his homeland from afar has been excruciating.  causing incredible strain in the house bc we are not aligned on handling our teenagers and his state is stressful for kids.  feeling stuck and just trying to survive.

12:26:15               From  Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Caroline

12:26:34               From  Emily Chang : Karen is the actress’s name

12:26:44               From  Todd Adams : would you like to ask that question lisa?

12:26:52               From  Cesa : Karen is the actress so technically correct

12:27:13               From  Mimi Inahuazo : I love Little House on the Prairie!!!!

12:27:48               From  Mimi Inahuazo : I’m enjoying preparing food & actually sitting down with my kids like it’s a Saturday

12:27:55               From  LisaP : sure….could use some help on how to support here when I feel edgy myself…and still worried about my daughter I spoke of last time….

12:28:45               From  Dawn Dockey : wow love this idea. Vision-boarding how you want to look back on this time

12:31:35               From  Jennifer : Sending lots of love and hugs your way, Lisa!

12:32:10               From  Todd Adams : who is next?

12:32:46               From  Millie   to   Todd Adams(Privately) : Hey Todd, sorry that I cut out earlier. Did you end up talking about my question? If so, I’ll go back to listen later.

12:33:04               From  nicki : My husband and my companies needs have taken over our world,

12:33:07               From  Anita Fudalewski : Hugs to Lisa and Jennifer and Kelsey

12:33:31               From  Todd Adams   to   Millie(Privately) : not yet.  u want to ask or me to say it?

12:33:56               From  LisaP : thank you so much, everyone…I guess it was time for it to come out.

12:34:10               From  Emily Chang : Hugs to you Lisa!!  I’m crying with you!!

12:34:43               From  Anita Fudalewski : Release it!!

12:34:57               From  Anita Fudalewski : Our heros

12:36:26               From  Millie   to   Todd Adams(Privately) : If we have time, I can talk. But only if we have time. I’d rather hear from the others. I feel like that one issue is way less important. Not belittling it. But having a stubborn teenager not wanting to go outside is a SMALLLLLLL issue compared to the bigger picture. I can always post on FB.

12:37:39               From  LisaP : authenticity is what I hear…

12:38:19               From  Dawn Dockey : https://www.simplypsychology.org/maslow.html

12:38:53               From  Jennifer : Kelsey, Sitting down to read or relax feels impossible for me right now!  I’m trying out adult coloring books because it’s mindless but releases some of my nervous energy. I’m with you.  Sending love!! xoxo

12:39:06               From  LisaP : thank goodness for our Bidet!

12:39:14               From  LisaP : Italian

12:40:42               From  kelseyholt : Thanks, Jennifer <3 I’m focusing on keeping my expectations very low and just prepping for baby. XOXO

12:42:24               From  Todd Adams   to   Millie(Privately) : who wants to go after millie?

12:42:46               From  Todd Adams : who wants to go after millie?

12:43:54               From  nicki : I would like to

12:44:08               From  Todd Adams : you’re next nicki.

12:44:52               From  Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Bye all. Have to go prevent a meltdown. Love, patience and strength to you all!

12:51:08               From  Anita Fudalewski : I like it!!

12:51:30               From  Kimberlee Sauerwine : I’m interested!  thanks!

12:53:56               From  Millie : Thank you, Nicki! You guys also just reminded me that somewhere I read about how all the communities affected by Hurricane Katrina kind of went through what we’re going through now. School basically STOPPED for them for months! And the article said that those kids are now doctors and lawyers and contributing citizens of the world. Perspective. And thanks, Todd, for the suggestion to really go deeper on the surrender! Clearly, I haven’t REALLY surrendered. Thank you, all!

12:55:26               From  Dawn Dockey : Can you send the link for that article Millie?

12:56:12               From  Millie : Sorry, Dawn. I have no idea where I heard that. It could have been on a podcast. There’s been so much information in the past two weeks that I don’t remember where that came from. So sorry!

12:58:47               From  Kristen : Dawn, I listened to an on being podcast yesterday (the newest one with Rebecca Solnit) with Krista tippet and she talked about Katrina from 2016. It was interesting and applies to today.

12:58:52               From  LisaP : I was about to apologize for the heavy load I shared…but then I shifted to gratitude.  THank you all so much.  Wishing peace to you all.

12:59:30               From  Anita Fudalewski : ♥♥♥☺☻☺

12:59:32               From  Millie : Great shift in framing your thoughts, Lisa!!!! Gratitude!!!

12:59:54               From  Jennifer : Millie, be gentle with yourself!  This is so new and we’re all learning as we go.  It’s hard to let so much go at one time.  You’re aware and that’s the first great step.  We’ll get through this together!  xoxo

13:00:16               From  Millie : Thanks, Jen!!! xoxoxo

13:00:51               From  Anita Fudalewski : Thank you so much for doing more to bring us together!!♥♥♥

13:01:13               From  Kimberlee Sauerwine : we appreciate all that you do for us!  thank you!

13:01:14               From  Kristen : Its so good to see everyone’s faces!

13:02:52               From  Mimi Inahuazo : bye everybody!!!! love ya so much!!! thanks guys

13:02:53               From  kelseyholt : LisaP thanks for sharing your situation and your feelings!! <3

13:03:03               From  Emily Chang : Hugs to everyone!!

13:03:04               From  Millie : Sending love!!!

13:03:06               From  LisaP : thanks again all. xoxox