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Discussion & Time Stamps

1:33 Cathy’s intro to the corona virus
6:03 Lauren doesn’t know whether to let the nanny back in their home
20:38 Gail needs suggestions to motivate her teenagers.
26:40 Millie is in a shelter in place situation in northern California. How do I motivate my eight year olds in an e-learning situation.
40:45 Marjorie has an 8 year old is having a hard time because of his need for routine and structure.
43:25 Kelsey is 7 months pregnant and is struggling with some fear.
58:02 Emily has an only child 6 year old and is worried if she’s getting enough social interaction.





12:03:55 From Todd Adams : who would like to ask a question or make a comment?
12:05:48 From RDChishoHe : Hello Everyone:)
12:07:10 From laurenburke : Hi! I have what I think will be a fairly quick question if there’s time
12:12:29 From gtrieger : If there’s time to answer…. not critical.. any suggestions for motivating your teenagers to do some physical exercise/movement/yoga in the basement, during this period. I let them sleep until whenever which sometimes is NOON! And I am not micromanaging them. So that’s it.
12:13:35 From Todd Adams : gail- do u want to ask it, or do u want me to read it?
12:14:02 From gtrieger : Can you read it? Thanks. I’m multitasking 🙂
12:14:59 From RDChishoHe : Family bike ride? Weather is fantastic here thank goodness. I am spending time inthe forest everyday which is keeping me really centred – it’s massive. My daughter Emily really wants to go too but she is 9.
12:15:09 From Millie : I have a question for motivation also but for 8-year-olds who can be reluctant learners…especially the one who is really strong-willed. I hate using incentives like rewards bc I want them to be intrinsically motivated, but it may be the only option. And we are in Northern California where a “shelter in place” directive has come down.
12:15:20 From RDChishoHe : Maybe it’s a case of inspiration and keeping yourself in a good place
12:18:54 From nicki : Agree hubby’s can not come home and just work full time, in office. Leaving us to juggle work, kids, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc
12:19:13 From gtrieger : Oh Millie, sending you spiritual support during the “shelter in place” time. I have 15-year olds who are staying in their pajamas and doing their school work in their beds, lol. I just want them to move their bodies a little Chicago weather has been a little on and off.
12:20:23 From Emily Chang : So school closing is really bringing back my anxieties about my daughter’s social interaction time because she’s an only-child. I am trying to work from home, homeschool, and maintain her social interactions. California mayor is hinting closing schools until fall. I know a lot of her friends have siblings, cousins to play with, but we don’t. So I set up a couple of virtual playdates for her. Part of me wonders if other people are still meeting up?? And sad that we don’t have any family that we feel comfy enough to ask to hang out with during this time…
12:20:29 From gtrieger : You can skip my question!! it’s fine.
12:22:11 From Millie : Lauren, and everyone else who have younger kids: I will post on FB some of the links that my circle has been sending around as inspiration for our kids who may actually be home until the summer! That’s what our governor is predicting. ARGHH! And Gail, as for motivating teens to move, I hear you. It’s much harder to get our 13 year old to get physical activity time than our 8 year olds.
12:24:43 From gtrieger : Thanks, Cathy, sounds great. I welcome the not worrying!
12:25:49 From gtrieger : It’s driving my husband crazy and he wanted me to put together a written schedule and I was like, um, no. Abby said “It’s annoying that dad’s forcing a teenage brain to live on a 50 year old man’s sleep schedule.”
12:27:14 From Kimberlee Sauerwine : I needed to hear that too, about screen time.
12:29:15 From Kimberlee Sauerwine : we had training today, as teachers, for distance learning and we will begin March 30th.
12:29:47 From Todd Adams : who is next?
12:30:33 From daryn : I think it’s a great opportunity for all of us to pause and try to have perspective (Whenever the right time is for the person) and to be grateful for all that we have. (nice homes, technology, food, family to be with. Work from home if that is possible) I’m going to ask my kids to read (15 and 13) “Diary of Anne Frank” for perspective and inspiration. (EVENTUALLY. I think we all need to mourn and express our losses. Especially high school seniors and college seniors)
12:31:38 From nicki : Hi @millie focus on 15min blocks with activity on either side. Get a time Timer so they can see time passing. Let him do the work on trampoline, where you read out the maths question, and your write it in. Or one question then run down the hall and back. Don’t ask him to SIT, engage with him, make fun mum and them time.
12:32:14 From Marjorie Sarah : Hi Cathy and Todd! (Please read for me…kids are here) I’m completely with the view that this is a time to lay off the schedule. My 5 year old and I would be happy playing babies and meditating all day…buuuut my energetic 8 year old son is taking ALL I got right now. I’m trying to balance his need for structure and schoolwork and playing sports in the yard with the chance for us to all chill the heck out (while my husband’s work is insane during this time and he’s working at home.). : )-
12:33:42 From RDChishoHe : I got a non covid 19 question but it might not be relevant
12:33:56 From kelseyholt : I can ask a quick question if there’s time…thanks
12:35:40 From kelseyholt : …more of a request than a question i guess…
12:37:28 From RDChishoHe : Just a thought but could we focus on bringing in learning that kids want to do. I am always so depressed at how the school system is so great at killing the love of learning
12:37:40 From RDChishoHe : Maybe now is the chance to bring it back?
12:38:58 From Anita Fudalewski : I’m feeling like whether I let them sleep or wake them up at 9:00am, the relational stress is heightened during the day. They are driving me crazy!!
12:39:23 From gtrieger : Oh okay… quick thought about the structure. As a special educator and parent of a differently wired child, if YOUR child *needs* the structure, writing a daily (could be just the one hour of academics or two hours) or weekly, color coded chart or list (depending on how your child learns) and putting that up, or on a card, or letting him/her carry it around, or check boxes… that’s cool too. I like letting go of the structure for most and my kids are in that but I can see the opposite helping. My two cents.
12:39:45 From Anita Fudalewski : Trying so hard to take a higher perspective
12:40:58 From Anita Fudalewski : Would be great to feel connected within the family, however everyone is annoyed with each other… Really tough!!
12:41:05 From gtrieger : and Millie.. no judgement. I have an oppositional differently wired (2E) daughter who would be prone to taking my list and crumpling it up if in the wrong mood so sending love your way.
12:45:02 From RDChishoHe : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoCMSDBMIxo good meditation on fear of the virus
12:46:30 From Meg : I feel for you Kelsey. Sending super good vibes your way along with light and love.
12:47:13 From Kimberlee Sauerwine : You are not alone! We all have your back and sending you love and support!
12:47:48 From Anita Fudalewski : Sending love 😍
12:48:12 From gtrieger : Kelsey, sending you support from Chicago!
12:48:36 From Emily Chang : Hi Cathy and Todd! my question is about my only child’s social interactions, she’s 6, and I’m anxious that she will feel lonely, probably because I did when I was little.
12:48:40 From Marjorie Sarah : Kelsey, SENDING GOOD VIBES!! Yay on the homebirth!!
12:49:14 From nicki : Hi Kelsey, family chat on Facebook are awesome, keep them fully involved virtually, lots of facetime. They all love and support you, they will be there for you
12:49:24 From daryn : Big hugs to Kelsey! I feel for you, but can tell you are strong and will make the best decisions for your family.
12:49:29 From Millie : Kelsey, sending HUGE hugs to you. Things literally change every day here that it really forces us to be present. Can people come over and stay outside and stay the recommended distance away (6’)? For instance, you go outside with baby and everyone is visiting outside. We are visiting friends on the sidewalk as we take walks.
12:50:18 From Millie : Thank you, Nicki. We do have a Time Timer and will pull that out. I think we will have to put fun breaks as bookends to all the “learning” segments. And Gail, I hear you on the lists going out the window. I have one kid who could care less about lists. We will have to manage day to day.
12:52:41 From Jennifer : Kelsey, Remember, you are doing it! You are getting through each day. Keep reminding yourself of that. Try to stay in the moment, take it one breath at a time, Everything will be okay! Sending hugs and love!
12:53:58 From Marjorie Sarah : transmuting energy?
12:55:48 From Marjorie Sarah : What are good sources for alternative positive news? Non-fear based news recommendations?
12:56:22 From gtrieger : Marjorie Sarah… Zen Parenting Radio 😉 haha.
12:56:53 From Marjorie Sarah : Ha, good one! Agree!
12:57:00 From Millie : Emily, for your singleton, same suggestion for social interaction. Can you guys bike by friends’ houses and have a quick 5-10 minute interaction…even if between porch and sidewalk? Ask if your school is creating a Facebook community. Ours did and lots of good ideas are being shared there. Yesterday there was a shamrock hunt where families went around town (on foot or on bikes) and searched and tallied up shamrocks.
12:57:38 From RDChishoHe : This is a good podcast that got rid of my anxiety today https://www.rickhanson.net/being-well-podcast-managing-anxiety-and-fear/
12:58:03 From RDChishoHe : I think Emily had a Q
12:58:26 From Anita Fudalewski : Ya, just mentioned our struggles about
12:58:33 From Anita Fudalewski : Oops
12:58:58 From Anita Fudalewski : Above… Lost in the chat I guess
12:59:20 From nicki : Anita does
12:59:36 From Anita Fudalewski : No it’s ok
13:00:02 From nicki : Oh I was keen to hear the answer, it resonated!
13:01:03 From Marjorie Sarah : Sending LOVE, Emily xo
13:01:17 From Christine : ((hugs)) Emily
13:01:23 From Millie : Sending hugs, Emily. xoxoxo
13:03:02 From jJenn Kovacs : Rooting for all of you! We’ll take care of each other. xoxo
13:03:26 From kelseyholt : Thank you everyone for all your Love and support! <3
13:04:13 From daryn : Emily, I have older kids. But maybe we could set up virtual video buddies? Pen pals? At minimum my kids could send her daily cute animal videos etc to keep her smiling. You are awesome. I was alone a lot as a kid (my Mom was a single Mom and that helped make me very independent person.)
13:04:28 From Christine : this is a hard transition for some but our kids are wired to “connect”. I’ve seen my teens navigate this. They don’t have the childhood I had but they still connect just in a variety of ways.
13:05:26 From Jennifer : Hi Emily, one of Brene Brown’s quotes resonates with me: Don’t Dress Rehearse Tragedy. It helps me to not think too far ahead and to stay in the moment. I have lots of anxiety and understand just how hard it is not to worry about the future. And this team will be here for you whenever you need it! Sending love and hugs!
13:05:39 From Christine : surprise box – the idea that you put some new items or written challenges for them that you bring out when you can.
13:07:02 From gtrieger : We can do that too!!
13:07:35 From Kimberlee Sauerwine : I’m in! writing letters would be great!!!!
13:09:12 From Kimberlee Sauerwine : love you guys!!! you are the best! thank you for LP that you do!
13:09:27 From daryn : I’m sorry my video is blocked. We have an issue with our webcam. I’m not a creeper. 🙂
13:09:33 From Marjorie Sarah : Thanks so much Cathy + Todd and everyone
13:09:48 From Todd Adams : coupon code “friend” first month fee
13:10:35 From Jennifer : So grateful for our Team! Thanks Todd and Cathy for all the love and support!