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Discussion & Time Stamps

2:10 Micro-community updates

4:26 When teachers (that you hold in high regard) say something that you don’t agree with

21:42 4 year old daughter is going to preschool wearing a costume throughout the year

33:48- Best way to keep yourself from going down a dark path.  (divorce)


Liz Gilbert fear

Jeff Foster- The Deepest Acceptance: Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life

Brook Castillo The Life Coach School Podcast

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12:04:27 From Jennifer : I can mute and unmute anyone on my end. LOL
12:07:12 From nicki : watch it thanks Anita
12:08:31 From Dawn Dockey : i have a q
12:08:32 From Helen : How are you feeling Cathy?
12:14:24 From Cathy Adams : next question?
12:14:41 From Jennifer : I have one.
12:17:37 From Jacqueline : I have a question as well
12:25:45 From Anita Fudalewski : Everything has purpose, Love!
12:30:10 From jenniferwilliams : My son was Batman for almost a year when he was 3…..
12:32:43 From Anita Fudalewski : I really miss those dress up days!!
12:32:55 From Cathy Adams : me too…
12:33:48 From nicki : Same!!! My son lived in dress ups for daycare for years, 12 now and he remembers those days fondly/we all do.
12:35:20 From mimiinahuazo : My 9 year old would wears his costume a couple days before and after halloween and does homework too lol
12:39:58 From Anita Fudalewski : Wow, that is so lucky and awesome!
12:48:06 From Anita Fudalewski : SENDING YOU SO MUCH LOVE JEN !!
12:48:21 From jenniferwilliams : Sending you hugs Jennifer!
12:49:21 From Dawnelda : Sending a huge virtual hug Jennifer! Everything you said made complete sense!
12:49:26 From Helen : Don’t worry about the tears Jen! You are like a warrior because of and aswell as your tears
12:52:18 From Helen : I have a similar question if there is time
13:08:59 From Jennifer : THANK YOU, everyone! Couldn’t get through any of this without you!!