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Discussion & Time Stamps

0:42 Survey Feedback

9:10 How to support my mom who is about to lose her mom (my grandma)

17:56 I’m struggling to set boundaries with my teenage son

32:10 Do you really know Ricky Henderson?

36:07 How do i re-frame my thoughts regarding me challenges of getting pregnant

41:14 Erin’s support of struggling through pregnancy

51:24 1440 Multiversity update


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12:03:34 From Helen : I think I missed the survey. Is it too late?
12:06:04 From DiClemente : I vote Tuesdays 🙂 🙂 🙂
12:08:44 From Todd Adams : who has a question?
12:09:42 From Helen : That is a very dear dear:)£
12:10:21 From sme4234 : which one of you is the artist she takes after?
12:10:22 From Anita Fudalewski : Just had a thought about a micro community for parents of tweens and teens, because I am struggling immensely! Any thoughts?
12:10:34 From jenniferwilliams : Yes!
12:10:44 From Anita Fudalewski : Sure 😊
12:13:05 From Helen : I would like to ask a question about boundaries. There was a lot of discussion concerning boundaries on the facebook page (difficult 12 years old) could you explain more about boundaries?
12:15:08 From jacquelineforbes : that reminds me of the toxic positivity chart you posted recently
12:15:44 From DiClemente : YES 🙂
12:16:02 From DiClemente : Probably my discussions about my 12 year old son 🙂
12:18:09 From Millie : This is what Brad posted about subscribing to the Team Zen podcast:

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12:19:08 From Millie : Wow! That’s styrofoam?!!! I thought maybe clay. Now I’m even more impressed!
12:23:34 From Todd Adams : who is next?
12:25:56 From jacquelineforbes : Matt has a question/comment
12:26:07 From DiClemente : This boundary was already set before, as this is the second time he has done this…I specifically told him that if he needs space, that is fine, but I need to know what he will do. He just left, and then did not answer my call or text when I tries to reach him… He has refused to set up plans with us in the past…
12:27:48 From Helen : Could you call this ‘consequences’?
12:29:53 From DiClemente : Yes, and I realized that I was not clear to him enough where my boundaries are about how I deserve to be treated…prior to him leaving, he chose talk to me in a way that I would not accept from anyone….
12:30:29 From DiClemente : It took me 2 days to come to a place to have that conversation with him…
12:31:23 From DiClemente : And I followed it up with an appropriate consequence, which he has been following without much issue 🙂
12:31:45 From DiClemente : Yes…that is what I was working through for 2 days 🙂 🙂 🙂
12:33:29 From MIMI : nicely said, pulled from reserved
12:34:11 From Anita Fudalewski : It expands you… I 💜 that!
12:40:59 From Millie : From the standpoint of an adoptive parent like Erin, I had to reframe my vision of being a parent that I HAD to be biologically connected to my children…because of course I do NOT have to be connected to them genetically to be a parent.
12:45:31 From Millie : These were my notes from the Goop podcast with Oprah which is related to her wanting her Color Purple role sooooo badly. Is this what you meant, Cathy?

Color Purple story taught Oprah this. When you want it so badly that you hurt, then It’s only through the disallowing of it that it came. Don’t hold anything too tightly. Just wish for it, want it, let it come from the intention of real truth for you. Then let it go. If it’s suppose to be yours, it’ll show up. It won’t show up if you hold onto it so tightly. That’s the way you live your life. That the forces that we call God, nature, universal energy, my prayer is that that force field holds you in the palm of its hands and never squeezes you too tightly.
12:49:25 From Helen : That is awesome
12:49:40 From Todd Adams : anybody else have a quick question?
12:50:09 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Easier said than done. Especially when there are “happy families who could easily get pregnant” everywhere. I think it is also important when seeing those families is that everyone has a story, and we don’t know what they went through. We now look like a “perfect family” with 3 beautiful boys. You never know…
12:51:01 From Millie : What’s important, as Erin said, is to take care of yourself and give yourself grace. It’s not easy.
12:51:10 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Amen!
12:52:28 From Anita Fudalewski : Me too!
12:53:19 From jacquelineforbes : it’s so funny, i used to listen to the same songs over and over when driving, but I feel like all i want to do now is listen to podcasts in the car… music is almost old hat lol
12:53:31 From Anita Fudalewski : Listened to Brené and Gwyneth twice also!
12:56:22 From DiClemente : Yes please do that…post accomodation options… What is the closest airport?
12:58:11 From Millie : I’ll post accommodations to the Facebook page, Malini. Thanks.
12:58:26 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Thanks for sharing this, I wanted to ask about this. What time/where?
12:58:28 From DiClemente : Todd will there be another one? We have a family event that evening…
12:58:36 From DiClemente : What time on May 4?
12:58:46 From Anita Fudalewski : Happy birthday in advance! 😁
12:59:22 From Helen : Hope you US based guys appreciate your good fortune..I’m soo envious! I’ll be with you in spirit! xxx
12:59:35 From Helen : Good luck with the birthday tribe- sounds great:)
12:59:59 From Millie : Helen, you should just give yourself the gift of a trip to the US to join us for one of these events!!!
13:00:13 From Helen : yes I will ..1 day 😉
13:01:55 From MIMI : Adios y feliz cumpleaÑos TODD