Discussion & Time Stamps

0:00 Sera is struggling with discussing her need to cut back on her job with her husband due the chaotic schedule amongst other things.

11:53 Malini is having a hard time deciding when it’s time to play with her sons and when it’s time for her to play or practice self- care.

22:22 Judy’s struggling with low self-esteem and her kids are being impacted.  How do we make sure they don’t take her issues on as their own?

29:22 Estee daughter and mean towards her younger brother and wants support in how and when to intervene.

42:31 Anita’s 14 year old was caught skipping classes and she thinks it might have to be due to a new friendship she has struck with a girl friend that might be negatively influencing her daughter.


Cashflow Board Game

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids (Bucketfilling Books)


12:03:55 From Helen : Sera is being incognito!
12:05:43 From Todd Adams : who wants to go after we address sera’s question?
12:06:53 From DiClemente : I will…one of my questions is related to this topic. Unless you guyd address it before I ask it 🙂
12:08:13 From sera.mattson : I’m not trying to be incognito. I’ll post a photo of me on facebook after the Zen talk.
12:09:15 From sera.mattson : I do love this analogy. I think that I’m extra worried because I was forced to quit my job 6 years ago and it was extremely uncomfortable for 2 years.
12:11:55 From sera.mattson : I guess that’s the hardest part. I got home from work last night and Garick was off work. So I was trying to start little conversations – the silly things, the anecdotal things – and I kept being interrupted so many times that the anecdotes fell flat – like a joke with bad delivery. I felt so defeated in just trying to get things done.
12:12:56 From sera.mattson : EXACTLY! I don’t want to live my life like my mom, my aunt who just lost her husband last year and she kept putting off retirement. I need more life.
12:15:00 From Anita F : I can totally relate !!
12:15:13 From Judy Aday : I have a question too…
12:15:18 From DiClemente : That’EVERY time I have free time!
12:15:29 From sera.mattson : Thank you!
12:16:08 From Todd Adams : Judy. you’re next.
12:16:52 From kelseyholt : totally relate to the free time
12:17:01 From kelseyholt : paradox of choice!
12:17:25 From sera.mattson : I don’t know how to play either! and I don’t know how to play with my daughter because I’m constantly going from thing to thing.
12:20:35 From esteegrant : Brene Brown had an example of when they as a family realized they needed more play…they brainstormed as a family and only found a couple things in common and resolved to do those…maybe that way play for yourself and play with your kids can be the same thing.
12:21:25 From Helen : Yes it’s important to know what is play £& what is not
12:22:31 From Karen T : I used to feel guilty about not playing with my kids but in a podcast maybe 7 years ago and Cathy said I don’t play activities I don’t enjoy with them. I started letting go of that kind of play and thinking of the things I do enjoy and focused on those. Once I stopped feeling guilty about not doing things I don’t enjoy.
12:23:44 From Helen : But you can always do an ‘uncomfortable’ play for like 5min – put the timer on
12:23:55 From kelseyholt : yes timer is great!!
12:24:40 From Emily’s iPad : I am constantly trying to balance play with my 3 year old…have tried Cathy’s suggestions about playing with what you are good at. seems to be working well, guilt sets in once in a while but I try to let it go and do my best with what I can and like to do.
12:25:36 From sera.mattson : Someone is going put an eye out Todd.
12:25:42 From kelseyholt : yes I can relate to many and Emily with the little one… I hate that feeling that comes when it seems like I’m always saying No or later or go play in your room… yuck
12:26:04 From Emily’s iPad : my daughter has a throw up bowl now….good times
12:26:12 From Todd Adams : who is after Judy?
12:26:57 From kelseyholt : is this the cash flow game?
12:26:59 From kelseyholt : https://www.amazon.com/CASHFLOW-Board-Exclusive-Strategy-Delivered/dp/B00M085AMI
12:27:36 From esteegrant : I have a question …
12:27:40 From Todd Adams : yup!
12:27:54 From Todd Adams : Estee is next. 😀
12:29:18 From Helen : I have a question about how to handle a friend who is in need of company but I find it very draining. When we spend time together I feel very unseen and it is really uncomfortable. I don’t know if I should share this or just concentrate on the listening
12:30:12 From sera.mattson : My daughter loves that book (she’s 4) – Have you filled your bucket today? And I think it helps with the explanation to a young kid with explaining how I’m feeling when life is hard.
12:31:17 From sera.mattson : You’re describing how I feel everyday right now.
12:31:21 From Anita F : If there is no one else, I can go next…
12:31:37 From kelseyholt : yeah the bucket book is good
12:33:02 From sera.mattson : https://www.amazon.com/Have-Filled-Bucket-Today-Bucketfilling/dp/099609993X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1WZLCCWREM4S1&keywords=have+you+filled+your+bucket&qid=1555090373&s=gateway&sprefix=sandra+%2Caps%2C195&sr=8-1
12:33:06 From kelseyholt : this post about parenting not being the entirety of our lives was SO GOOD!
12:33:08 From kelseyholt : https://www.instagram.com/p/BwC59g4BSKL/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
12:33:15 From Helen : Anita can go next as mine is not a parenting question
12:33:28 From kelseyholt : I really love the Bounceback parenting site and emails <3
12:41:48 From sera.mattson : I loved that movie. I love your analogies to movies. too.
12:45:36 From Alyssa : What’s the animated movie with the little girl where the emotions are all working together in command central – Joy, Disugst, Sadness, etc? I LOVE that one.
12:46:06 From esteegrant : Inside Out
12:46:15 From esteegrant : Love it too!
12:46:17 From Alyssa : Yes! Thanks Estee!
12:52:36 From Helen : type of hurricane?
12:52:58 From kelseyholt : can you talk about how you hold that place in yourself – how would you describe it? i now what you mean and i’m curious how you feel inside
12:53:01 From sera.mattson : it’s a whirling dervish : https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Whirling%20Dervish
12:53:03 From Alyssa : I picture the tazmanian devil cartoon character
12:53:24 From kelseyholt : being affectionate and loving when you may also feel disappointed or mad
12:54:07 From sera.mattson : whirling dervishes of turkey : https://i1.wp.com/turkey.theglobepost.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/rumi-whirling-dervishes.jpeg?fit=1280%2C720
13:04:11 From sera.mattson : Honestly, I don’t even know how to watch tv with my kid in the room.
13:05:30 From Anita F : Thank you Helen, for letting me go before you!
13:06:12 From Alyssa : We ahould talk about Helen’s question on FB – I’m interested to hear other’s replies.
13:06:46 From Judy Aday : It’s an awesome water bottle, thanks! I’m really enjoying it!
13:07:19 From kelseyholt : i put celery in my smoothie today! yum
13:07:37 From kelseyholt : in 2 weeks i’ll be at my NEW HOUSE that we bought in Maine!!!
13:07:58 From sera.mattson : Yes Helen!
13:07:59 From Helen : I will
13:08:15 From Helen : use witch hazel on the bruise
13:08:16 From sera.mattson : bye!