Discussion & Time Stamps

0:35 Helen’s daughter is embarrassed that her mom is getting gray hair and wants her to start coloring.

10:28 Estee’s 7 year old daughter is melting down with screams and she’s struggling to manage the melt downs b/w allowing her to express her feelings and not accepting verbal abuse.

26:10 Anita’s 14 year old daughter is struggling with a daughter who has scoliosis.  The daughter is refusing to wear it as much as the doctor prescribed.

42:45 Kate is struggling with letting go of a past challenge that is still relative in her life because the matter is in the hands of the legal system.

50:48 Dawn is looking to build a micro-community of a few team members that have direct experience with differently wired kids.  if interested, IM Dawn Dockey on the Team Zen Facebook page, or email me @ todd@zenparentingradio.com