Discussion & Time Stamps

4:43 Lauren is challenged with supporting her husband through a grieving process due to a death in his family

24:14 Dawn is wondering how she can do more exercise and why people change or don’t change.

40:42 Millie is wondering when and how to disagree with her husband as it relates to her children’s experience of observing them

56:00 Kate gave us an update on her husband’s recent challenges and what has been learned

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Refuge in Grief

Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits–to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life

The Change Formula


12:02:13 From Cathy Adams : hello
12:02:30 From Anita Fudalewski : Bonjour!
12:03:25 From Millie : I hope that was Dax Shepard that you contacted, Cathy! 🙂
12:04:32 From Kristen : bummer
12:05:52 From Anita Fudalewski : Do you know Dr. Vanessa Lapointe?
12:09:03 From sera.mattson : I’m with you. I have gone to funerals and just sobbed not knowing the person at all.
12:13:52 From lisaottomanelli : I am your husband in handling grief (I do it by myself) and my aunt died in September. I find it helpful to have space and know that if I need someone to listen or comfort me. Can you bring a babysitter for the kids?
12:15:05 From Todd Adams : who wants to go after Lauren?
12:15:46 From Dawn : I have a q!
12:19:08 From Millie : It’s Refuge in Grief at https://www.refugeingrief.com/
12:19:18 From Millie : I also have a question when there is time.
12:23:44 From Anita F : What if the person doesn’t know what they need?
12:24:48 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : In my experience with grief, it has been beneficial to be good to myself (and what I need) to be able to be good to my husband.
12:28:42 From Anita F : I love it too
12:32:58 From lisaottomanelli : The question reminds me of Gretchen Rubin’s book Better Than Before…We do what we’re in the habit of doing. Based on what motivates you, there are different ways to create a new habit.
12:35:11 From Millie : It may also just take TIME. I feel like I’ve been learning to be self aware some years ago, but DOING anything about it has taken years!
12:35:38 From sera.mattson : Second the Better than Before!
12:36:16 From sera.mattson : Coupling works well in certain circumstances – like you can only listen to a podcast while on a walk or a run – or something like that.
12:43:15 From Todd Adams : who wants to go after Millie (if we have time)?
12:43:57 From nicki : I could give an update
12:45:37 From Todd Adams : sounds good nicki!
12:46:39 From Shaun : How about the silent treatment? Worse than shouting.
12:47:55 From Millie : I apologize to my kids more than I do to my husband, in front of everyone.
12:50:50 From Millie : MY daughter gets grossed out by our kissing. 🙂
12:55:32 From Anita F : That can be hard, as we all know, when one person is working on themself, but the other is not
12:56:34 From Kristen : thanks cathy. that is a great mind shift.
13:03:45 From Millie : Yes yes yes! I already bought my ticket. Go and get it bc it’s the best price possible!
13:03:54 From Millie : I mean, best price available all year.
13:04:32 From sera.mattson : bye everyone!