Discussion & Time Stamps

2:00 11 year old son wants to go to one school, parents want him to go to a different school.

13:10 What do you do when your parenting techniques change so drastically that you “freak” our kids out

17:56 Child telling mom she has a “RBF”

23:42 Different thoughts about punishment

26:55 Techniques to help kids calm down in a chaotic classroom

38:58 11 year old son has aversions to “eating” noises @ the dinner table

48:17 Jennifer expresses gratitude and updates us on the separation from her husband


Woman’s viral thread perfectly breaks down how grieving feels over time.


12:03:05 From Anita Fudalewski : Hey all
12:03:08 From Helen : Buenos dias Mimi where are you in the world?
12:06:26 From Todd Adams : who is next?
12:07:44 From Anita Fudalewski : Just listening in today… I have a grouchy daughter in the car… Driving to the orthodontist 🙄😁
12:09:51 From Mimi Inahuazo : can you explain what you meant on Facebook about, freaking our kids out??? please
12:09:57 From Peggy Jividen : Does he have to stay at either school longer than a year?
12:12:12 From Helen : Orthodentist sounds like fun! Glad you have zen parents with you for support:)
12:15:05 From Todd Adams : who is next?
12:15:27 From Todd Adams : I know you’re out there….
12:16:21 From Todd Adams : bueller?
12:16:25 From Helen : I have a question about my catechism class? They were v noisey last time & I didn’t want to shout but … well it got really noisey
12:16:33 From Mimi Inahuazo : oh ok
12:16:47 From Todd Adams : you’re next Helen
12:17:51 From Mimi Inahuazo : she also said I still have a rested bitch face
12:17:56 From Mimi Inahuazo : makes sense
12:18:09 From Kim Gardner : my 15 year old always asks why she never gets grounded like her friends do! I also ask why should I ground you and it open up a conversation about what is important to our family.
12:19:17 From Kim Gardner : I have a friend who was told she had RBF and she went and got Botox 🤣
12:19:36 From Kristen : We all have that face….
12:19:38 From Kristen : 🙂
12:20:47 From Helen : Did you ever try smiling with your eyes?
12:21:06 From Jacqueline : I try for that face for my drivers license photos 😆
12:21:09 From Helen : It is quite funny but it really works
12:21:58 From Helen : My drivers license photo is scary! eeek
12:22:55 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Ally Reisman (sp?)
12:25:33 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Great podcast!
12:25:53 From Mimi Inahuazo : thanks. Love my daughter because she’s very honest lol
12:28:56 From Todd Adams : who is next?
12:29:01 From Judy Aday : I have a question…
12:29:40 From Todd Adams : you’re next Judy.
12:34:05 From Millie : I have an idea for Helen but would need to demonstrate.
12:34:58 From Millie : They are ideas that I’ve observed teachers use to get the class’s attention and I’ve used them when volunteering with the kids.
12:37:23 From Kimmee : To get their attention, you can use a simple call back, with a normal or low tone of voice, “if you can hear the sound of my voice, clap once. If you can hear the sound of my voice clap twice, if you can hear the sound of my voice clap three times. Then redirect with positive reinforcement.
12:37:55 From jenniferwilliams : You can clap a rhythm, and they have to repeat it back when you want their attention.
12:39:57 From Todd Adams : who is next?
12:42:20 From nicki : Play memory games at the table, to help distract while still engaging. It works
12:42:24 From jenniferwilliams : I have to get going – thanks everyone! Great to see you all 🙂
12:45:40 From Jacqueline : my daughter is a really loud drinker and I’m wondering at what point should I mention that it bothers me. I don’t want her to feel criticized, so I’m thinking I should wait til she gets older… she’s 3.5
12:52:58 From Anita Fudalewski : 💜💜💜
12:53:16 From Kimmee : We are just here for you whenever you need it. No pressure or expectation. Sending you hugs!!!
12:54:49 From Kim Gardner : Byron Katie is on Oprah’s Super Soul and it’s a great reminder about suffering! sending lots of healing light ❤️
12:55:03 From Kristen : Hugs!
12:55:10 From Millie : We will be there at the conference with OPEN ARMS for you, Jennifer!!!!
12:55:21 From Millie : Front Row Team right here, baby!!!
12:55:26 From Mimi Inahuazo : free hugs!!!!!!
12:55:38 From Kimmee : Definitely front row team!!!!
12:55:49 From Peggy Jividen : Can’t wait to see you, Jen! ❤️
12:56:14 From Anita Fudalewski : I wish I could be at the conference to give and receive love and support! 😍
12:57:26 From Helen : Well done Jennifer, You look so strong. Even though a you might not feel it. We are all on your team
12:58:17 From Kim Gardner : you also look so radiant! yay Reki!,
12:58:59 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : I love that you’re taking care of you (even if that means trying to figure out who “you” is). I loved this depiction of grief over time: https://www.someecards.com/news/news/woman-viral-thread-perfectly-breaks-down-grief/?fbclid=IwAR2Ordb0NT_Z_9VCwEl8Q2h99dstu-yjv7VI4ky42WnYadChZ1jvefqwhec
12:59:10 From Jacqueline : thank you so much for sharing your story, so brave ❤️
12:59:18 From Peggy Jividen : Rereading Glennon’s book right now. So great!
12:59:50 From Helen : Yes very very brave
13:00:37 From Kimmee : Thank you for the team zen lunch!
13:00:47 From Kimmee : Looking forward to it!