Discussion & Time Stamps

1:00 Helen had a question between self-love and being selfish for her daughter.

8:24 Kimmee has an “uncoachable” 10 year old who has some challenges with perfectionism.

22:56 Megan’s 10 year old has some anxiety challenges to the point where he wants to join her in the bathroom at the grocery store.  Is this normal?

30:56 Anita is struggling with her 11 year old daughter who is some displaying some rebellious behaviors with her.  She doesn’t know whether she’s too strict or not strict enough.

45:26 Matt lives apart from his 6 year old daughter and is struggling to maintain connection with her partially due to the opposing parent philosophies with his former wife

1:01:45 1440 update- Oct 25th-27th


Carol Dweck Mindset

Jessica Lahey’s Gift of Failure

The Invisible String


12:02:25               From  Millie : I love Kimmie’s slogan for Team Zen! Hope she gets a commission for it. 🙂

12:03:06               From  Kimmee : Gratitude is perfect!!

12:07:22               From  Todd Adams : is Lindsay on?

12:09:58               From  Kimmee : I have a question

12:11:29               From  Todd Adams : who wants to ask a question after Kimmee?

12:11:52               From  Megan Edwards : I have a question.

12:17:07               From  Millie : Carol Dweck: Mindset (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0345472322/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0)

12:17:32               From  Helen : It sounds like a a case of ‘imposter syndrome’ which is really common & probably he’s not the only one inthe class who feels that. 10 is really young though

12:20:16               From  Malini DiClemente : My son has been like this as well…he is now 12, and it sounds like you are talking about him 🙂

12:20:42               From  Malini DiClemente : Though he never talks about him ever failing….it is usually someone else with the problem…

12:21:23               From  Anita Fudalewski : I can go next with a question 😌

12:22:49               From  Millie : Jessica Lahey’s Gift of Failure (https://www.amazon.com/Gift-Failure-Parents-Children-Succeed/dp/0062299255)

12:24:55               From  Kimmee : Thanks guys!!!

12:28:47               From  jacquelineforbes : Matt has a question

12:34:22               From  Kimmee : Sending you hugs!!!

12:36:34               From  jenniferwilliams : Hugs to you, Anita!

12:36:41               From  Kimmee : Remember 100% support!!!!

12:36:47               From  melissa stottmann : ❤️❤️❤️

12:37:13               From  kelseyholt : Yay crying! I’ve cried several times on a Zen talk, and been nervous and had a shaky voice <3 <3 <3 Thanks for speaking up!

12:39:16               From  Millie : Anita, first I feel your pain. I have a newly-12 daughter who is also very opposite from me…which is the cause of much of my frustrations. I have finally come to the realization that it’s not her that I need to change but myself. I had to become very very very aware of what my own triggers were. It’s super super hard and I continue to struggle with it. But that’s why she is my daughter. I’ve got something to learn from her.

12:41:11               From  Millie : Ooooh, yes, notes!!!! The idea of Love Notes that someone posted on Facebook was brilliant! All my kids, and my husband, have really loved them. And I think that my daughter’s recent jovial attitude may be due to those Love Notes!

12:42:18               From  Malini DiClemente : I have been writing the valentine hearts for my boys and leaving one every morning on my door…waking up EARLY to do this before they get up, and my 12 year old has yet to react to it in a way that I can see 🙂

12:42:30               From  Malini DiClemente : But I am still doing it…

12:42:33               From  Alyssa : Yes! I’ve been having so much fun with the love notes!  Hitting my “Words of Affirmation” love language kids hard!!

12:43:13               From  Alyssa : Malini – my 12 yr old boy – – no reaction!  But my twin 10 yr olds girls – TONS of enthusiasm!!

12:43:16               From  mimiinahuazo : Igive notes and treats

12:43:45               From  Malini DiClemente : only my 9 year old has said something…even my 7 year old son says nothing 🙂

12:44:17               From  Malini DiClemente : My husband is the same Cathy!!!

12:44:36               From  Megan Edwards : I’m doing hearts on my son’s and husband’s door and they don’t mention it much either! LOL!

12:45:05               From  Kimmee : My husband didn’t get it either!  And my son throws it away each morning, but I do it anyway:)

12:45:09               From  Anita Fudalewski : THANKS EVERYONE!!

12:45:18               From  Anita Fudalewski : I feel the love 😍

12:46:12               From  Megan Edwards : Awesome idea with pictures!

12:46:21               From  Alyssa : I’ve done lyrics to Jason Mraz “I Want you to have it all!”

12:47:37               From  kelseyholt : From The Lion King maybe? Can you feel the love tonight?

12:52:09               From  Megan Edwards : Yes! We love that song Alyssa. Thanks for that idea. 🙂

12:53:58               From  Millie : What about sending good ol’ fashioned letters to your daughter as a way to connect other than FaceTime? My daughter has written letters (short notes really) with a cousin on the East Coast. She is SOOOO excited to receive a letter in the mail.

12:54:36               From  mimiinahuazo : post cards are awesome!

12:57:23               From  mimiinahuazo : he’s such a good dad!!!!

12:57:29               From  jenniferwilliams : We set my daughter up with an iCloud account so she can text family living far away…. She loves it and we let her use the iPad when she needs to connect with them

12:57:45               From  Millie : Oooh, I like your idea, Cathy. If you take those photos of your day/week, print out old fashioned prints, write on the back of them what you were doing or if you were thinking of her, and mail those. A 6-year-old can certainly appreciate looking at pictures.

12:59:24               From  Alyssa : What about reading books during facetime?  You could send her the book and get a copy for yourself.  You could ask her to find the book and you could read to her? If she wants to color while you read,, that’s ok….but maybe ex-wife would accept this better than no talking at all?  And daughter will hear your voice later, too, when she looks at the book herself.

13:01:14               From  Millie : I LOVE this book: https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-String-Patrice-Karst/dp/0875167349/ref=sr_1_1?crid=NJ319W3IIAL9&keywords=the+invisible+string&qid=1549652457&s=Books&sprefix=the+invisible%2Cstripbooks%2C188&sr=1-1

13:04:37               From  Millie : OMG…yay!!!!!!! Team Zen retreat for sure!!!

13:04:54               From  Megan Edwards : So cool! I have been to 1440 and it is so great. You both are a perfect fit for it. Would love to come see you both there!