Discussion & Time Stamps

2:30 Learning how to let our pre-teens deal with adversity

10:17 My 5 year old cries at school at seemingly common things

19:34 My 6 year old son is quiet at school, but his behavior becomes extremely erratic once he gets home from school.  Examples- hitting his brother and having bathroom mistakes

40:25 Jen checks in and asks for support.


12:03:28 From Millie : Got the hat also bc I’ve got super greasy hair and it looks awful. But I wish I had YOUR cool looking hats.
12:03:52 From Millie : But mine doesn’t say ZPR on it.
12:06:53 From Todd Adams : who has a question?
12:08:20 From Karen T : I have one. not a major thing if someone else has something 😁
12:08:41 From Todd Adams : sweet Karen. you’re next!!!
12:15:06 From Todd Adams : who is next?
12:20:36 From Millie : I’ve got something.
12:22:37 From Todd Adams : who wants to go next?
12:29:57 From nicki : basketball hoop, trampolene, fidget toys, balance balls, things at home he can direct energy into
12:33:47 From nicki : yip I would go do the activities with them at 6, at 11 & 13 more likely to use tools
12:34:04 From M.j. Ha : I have question
12:34:39 From Todd Adams : you’re next mj
12:40:09 From M.j. Ha : I have to go now I will ask question on Facebook page thank you
12:51:33 From Millie : Give yourself some grace, Jen. Half-assing is a great idea!
12:51:46 From Millie : Sending huge hugs!!!
13:03:49 From Millie : See?!!! That is proof that you are doing it right! Look at the wonderful son that you are raising!
13:06:00 From Millie : I am reminded by a quote I had shared before: “Let me fall if I must fall. The one I am becoming will catch me.” Bael Shem Tov
13:06:15 From jenniferwilliams : Enjoy the holidays – thank you!


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