Discussion & Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

6:17 Erin has a differently wired kid.  She wants to know how/what to do before her son gets the nueropsychology  evaluation.

10:58 Erin’s son is adopted.  How does that play into it?

12:59 Description of Differently Wired podcast

14:15 Todd’s client’s son is 3 and has not been able to get consensus from the professionals.

16:06 Nicki over shares about her differently wired daughter.

19:37 Nicki’s struggling with the docctor’s request for her 14 year old daughter to start taking a more active role in her own care.

24:40 Cathy’s college students struggle with Tilt #3- “Don’t Worry About What Other’s Think”

34:54 Dawn sees her own issues of overthinking situations

42:58 Heather- Sibling rivalries- HELP!!! 11 year old dumps all his baggage on his 7 year old.

51:56 Does humor help?

56:10 Debbie’s close


12:06:16 From Todd Adams : would love to hear you all let me know if you have a question for Debbie or say how the book affected you.
12:07:40 From Todd Adams : raise your hand or let me know in this chat box if you have something for Debbie.
12:08:14 From nicki : I do but don’t want to start
12:08:44 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : I’d love to ask her about the neuropsych process, and the wait. And also potentially about if she has any insights on adoption and differently wired kids (the added layer)
12:18:41 From Todd Adams : who wants to after nicki?
12:23:24 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : I think even if you HAVE a relationship with people, it still doesn’t matter. We don’t need to explain ourselves/our kiddos (even if we feel we need to)
12:23:58 From Todd Adams : I’m right there with you Erin.
12:25:52 From Todd Adams :
12:28:16 From Todd Adams : who wants to go after Cathy?
12:29:50 From nicki : Not sure if I agree, I am not ashamed of my daughters wiring, and a veil needs to be lifted on differences and childrens mental health. But it is a balance. Which I am working on
12:35:21 From Dawn : I have a question too if there is time?
12:35:38 From Todd Adams : you’re next dawn.
12:42:33 From Colleens iPhone : I have a question. my 11 year old son is channels his anxiety towards our seven year old son. it is crushing to see my 7 year old be hurt over and over. I find myself so confused about how to deal with this. I’m trying to support both boys
12:48:45 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Thank you for sharing, Heather. We struggle with the same between our 5 and 4 year old. It’s so hard, and I’m sure you’re doing better than you think (at least that’s what I tell myself!)
12:49:48 From nicki : Get help and advice ASAP, before 7 year absorbs into their bodies and develops anxiety. Lots of external play dates, time with granparents, time doing the things they love. Separate the kids, then talk to each other individually so you can validate each kids experience. Sending best wishes I live this too.
12:59:48 From Todd Adams :
13:01:43 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Thank you so much for this!