Discussion & Time Stamps

0:22 Nikki has been advised by the school that her daughter should not be friends with one of her friends because of serious behavioral issues that have arisen.  She and her daughter both like this girl, but she doesn’t want to be naive.

18:33 Grapes- seedless or not?

22:15 Struggling with the social dynamics with her daughter and friends in the car.

38:10 Jennifer is going through some significant life changes and has asked the Team for support.


12:01:37 From Helen : tastes different
12:08:22 From Todd Adams : anybody have any words for nicki?
12:14:18 From Peggy Jividen : You may be the only accepting person in her life, Nicki.
12:17:22 From Helen : Does anyone know if there is an audio version of differently wired?
12:17:25 From Todd Adams : who wants to ask a question? needs support with something?
12:18:58 From kelseyholt : Yay NYC!! Is there a new person in team zen who lives in Brooklyn? I thought I heard something on a podcast a while ago but can’t remember the name……..
12:20:27 From Dawn : Todd/Cathy: if for some reason we can’t join on Dec 11 can we submit our question for Debbie via email to you?
12:21:50 From Helen : I have a little question about firends and social connection
12:22:56 From Helen : Nice teeshirt Jennifer
12:23:28 From Jennifer : Thanks, Helen!! It’s my favorite!
12:26:54 From Helen : cool
12:27:28 From Helen : Its belligerent friday for Tod!
12:28:52 From Alyssa : I will never ask Todd to drive my son anywhere…..always crickets
12:39:25 From Alyssa : I share a confidential journal with each of my kids and encourage them to write to me when the conversation seems too scary to have face-to-face. Sometimes that helps us.
12:45:27 From Helen : Sacred ground Jennifer … sending you love
12:50:38 From Erin : Love to you Jennifer.
12:52:59 From Helen : Do you have the Kristin Neff book on self compassion Jennifer?
12:53:07 From Millie : You are so strong, Jennifer, for making these realizations. You ARE being loving and compassionate. But there are two people in this relationship. You cannot put the “own-ness” on just yourself and blame yourself. Not saying to blame ANYONE. But you are standing in your truth and refusing to not be seen. You should be very proud of yourself for that! Only hugs to you. xoxoxo
12:54:16 From SHAUN EMERSON : Peace and Love, Jen.
12:55:06 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : I admire your strength and courage, Jen. Sending love.