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1:15 My 5 year old is focusing on body image and calling people fat.  How do I address?

11:46 Jen doesn’t allow her sons to play Fortnite.  They are the only ones in their class who don’t play.  How do she stay connect to them.  Furthermore- what’s going on with this world?

48:00 Lauren is challenged with setting boundaries with a brother who abuses himself with substances as well as mental health challenges. She usually plays the “fixer” role and needs to make a shift.

54:40 4th grade son is struggling to make friends.  Is this about him, or is this about me?


ZPR Podcasts-

Setting Boundaries With Love

“Families are a tyranny run by their sickest member” – yes or no?


12:26:59             From jennifer : I am so inspired by Jennifer’s fire!  I’ve noticed with myself, when I start thinking about the huge picture I can get discouraged and give up.  So as Todd said, what you do with your family Jennifer will make a big difference, so small steps can make a huge difference also

12:31:12             From jennifer : I was strict with screen time and now my kids say, even though they weren’t thrilled at the time, the will do the same with their children—it will reach out to a bigger circle

12:43:51             From Rose’s iPhone : I strongly agree with you Jennifer.  I worry (for myself) that my language and fire about some of these fads can backfire.  I remember when my son was into the Ninja Turtles.  This made me crazy and I essentially outlawed them at my house.  but it passed after a year and I inadvertently created disconnection versus connection (Mary Shores idea).

12:53:22             From scottkent  to  Cathy Adams (Privately) : Could you put the podcast #s in the show notes?  On boundaries?

12:53:58             From Cathy Adams : https://zenparentingradio.com/podcasts/198-2/

12:54:12             From Cathy Adams : http://zenparentingradio.com/podcasts/104-2/

12:56:52             From Jennifer : 2 podcasts I mentioned:https://irlpodcast.org/  This is the podcast I mentioned — the specific episode is Kids These Days.

12:57:46             From Jennifer : https://longestshortesttime.com/episodes/ Episode – Dear Mister Rogers

12:58:34             From Jennifer : The IRL podcast talks about how all of this tech stuff is hard, but they are very balanced in their approach – which clearly I need!!  LOL