Discussion & Time Stamps

2:49 Jen’s husband’s family ostracizes her family and it hurts.  Jen’s not sure how to process through the pain and how it relates to her own childhood wounds.

31:22 Dawn’s kids are going to school full time and she’s excited, but anxious about her addiction to be “productive” with this upcoming freedom.

43:33 Lauren is working at her child’s school and needs some support regarding boundaries with this new dynamic.

48:00 Lavina’s son is sensitive, and now is old enough to have to deal with coaches who yell.  She wants to know how best to support her son.

57:49 Kelly was at a store buying school clothes with her daughter and witnessed some body shaming language from one of the employees and she didn’t know whether she should go back and speak with the store manager.


Above/Below the line video

Rob Bell’s podcast on “Rest”


12:01:03 From Millie : So happy to be back & participating in ZenTalks! Been in the north woods of Minnesota for nearly four weeks!!!
12:03:15 From sera.mattson : Hi! I can’t log in with my webcam from work. Sorry about that!
12:03:44 From sera.mattson : Those earrings are so pretty!
12:07:01 From Heather Wininger : I had 12pmEST in my head. Unfortunately, I have to pick up kiddos at preschool/school. Bye for now. Heather
12:24:35 From sera.mattson : I’m on your team!!!
12:24:42 From Kelly S : Me too, Jen!
12:24:49 From Kristen : Team Jen!
12:25:08 From Millie : That is what I was about to type after you made the comment about Danielle (friend who’s pregnant). The desire to belong is certainly one that we all share. “Family” doesn’t have to be blood relatives. Some of my closest “family” are friends whom I’ve made along the way. I feel like some of them are more “family” than people that I’m related to. And though I have not met most of the people on Team Zen, I know that they are my team!
12:27:27 From kelseyholt : we’re cracking up about your green beans over here, Todd!! 🙂 LOL
12:31:24 From Kristen : I like that– “what i need is”
12:34:22 From Cathy Adams : who’s next?
12:35:31 From Millie : Here’s a tip that I’ve tried to incorporate when I’ve had those monumental lists of to-do’s. Each day, just pick out (from that list) THREE things that you will accomplish that day. Don’t pick three huge things. Maybe just one “biggish” thing. But three things that you can accomplish in one day. You will feel so good about crossing out those three things on your list.
12:35:39 From Alyssa : this was totally me when my youngest started kindergarten. it’s CRAZY how fast the school day flies by.
12:37:04 From kelseyholt : I can totally relate to Dawn!! I sometimes tell myself, yes I have all this stuff I want to do, and I DON’T KNOW what’s going to happen. Also, I give myself at least 2 weeks that I think of as TRANSITION weeks, when basically, anything goes and it’s not about productivity.
12:37:21 From kelseyholt : yes, I agree, the time flies!!
12:37:29 From Kristen : I’m feeling super excited about 3 kid free hours once a week!
12:38:03 From kelseyholt : Yes Kristen!! I have 3 days and it barely feels like I “get anything done”
12:38:30 From Karen T : This will be me in 2 years. I was talking to my friend about this. It will be a year of me! No plan and if I feel like binging on Netflix all day I’m going for it. I know myself and this will be so freeing. I also know it will grow old and I will find my groove. reminds me of putting a baby on a schedule. You can fight the tide or you can let the be and they will find their own.
12:39:18 From Jennifer : THANK YOU all for being on “my team.” I am so grateful that I can always come to this space and know that I am fully accepted for who I am. THANK YOU for helping me to start to believe that I am enough, that I am loveable, and that I am worthy of belonging on our team. I’ve got a lot of work to do, but this team has helped me soooo much. THANK YOU from the bottom to the top of my heart!!!
12:39:36 From sera.mattson : I think this is interesting from the perspective of how I have no time to do anything right now. I’m working really hard on accepting where I am right now and just trying to get through each moment as they come. But it’s weird when I have 30 minutes to myself, I feel completely unable to move. Like I don’t even know what to do next.
12:42:19 From Jennifer : Rob Bell’s latest podcast talks about the importance of REST. He makes the case that without resting, we cannot fully appreciate all of the work we’ve done and life in general. I more global take on mindfulness. Highly recommend the episode! =)
12:45:01 From sera.mattson : Morning rituals! I just wish I had a good night’s sleep before my kid wakes up and we have to get going.
12:49:08 From mimiinahuazo : love this is us!!!!!!
12:50:05 From Jennifer : LOVE This is Us! I’m only on episode 3 of the first season though!!
12:50:42 From mimiinahuazo : get your kleenex and keep watching it
12:57:32 From Kelly S : If there’s time….
12:57:32 From Alyssa : I got my ticket! my first conference!
12:58:00 From Kelly S : If there’s time I have a question: I had a question that I really wanted to ask in person but my app is not working so I’m using my work computer (can’t access video or microphone) so I’m going to try and convey this in writing… A couple of weeks ago I was with my 13-year old buying uniforms for the upcoming school year. During the half hour that we were in this store the owner said a couple of things that I found unsettling. First, she referred to some sizes being for “short and chunky” girls and I heard her say to another girl that she was lucky to be to be “tiny.” I knew that I wanted to talk this through with my daughter, but even after that I have still been thinking about it. I’m feeling like I want to talk to this owner about how language and what she says about girls’ bodies can have a larger impact. On the other hand, I’m feeling a bit self-righteous as I think through whether or not to have this conversation. What I’m trying to figure out is, Is this my issue or an opportunity to speak up?