Discussion & Time Stamps

0:48 Malini was raised by a “Tiger Mom” and is struggling to evolve from the pattern created from her parents.  Finding the balance between boundaries and compassion.

24:53 Erin is challenged by her 2nd grader who is displaying anxious and angry behavior.

43:41 Jen is challenged by her 7 year old who will not stop talking back.


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12:15:00             From  Erin : Ha! funny…One of my favourite sayings is ‘we’re shooting for average here!’

12:24:21             From  Millie : I can COMPLETELY empathize with what Molani (sp?!!!) is saying about being raised in an Asian Tiger Mom household. I’m also struggling to break the cycle of helicoptering parenting that I grew up with. But so hard. My thought is similar to one of the suggestions that Devora brought up in this last podcast about cell phones. Would it be at all helpful to create this expectations WITH your son? Of course you and your husband have to be on the same page beforehand, but sit down with him to decide when it’s best for him to do homework, etc.

12:24:39             From  Jennifer : One of the things I learned from my oldest is that the middle school stage is so chock full of learning.  He made mistakes and failed along the way…and it was hard for me to let go of my expectations of achievement, organization, etc. and let him figure it out.  I set ground rules and focused on supporting him rather than controlling or directing him.  Most kids really do figure it out on their own. If we make THEIR stuff our stuff…then they don’t get a chance to figure out who they are and what works best for them.  I eventually came to the conclusion that my connection with him as a person was much more important than anything else – his grades, his sports, etc.  I’ve realized that his way is NOT my way, but his way is the best way FOR HIM.  I totally agree with Cathy & Todd, I don’t monitor Power School — doing so basically takes away my son’s ability to decide what he shares with me and when.  By the way, he failed math and had to repeat the class, but is now doing so well in math in high school. =)

12:25:00             From  Cathy Adams : Zen Parenting – Parent University Presentation

12:26:27             From  Erin : How do we access show notes?

12:37:24             From  Erin : I have contacted her new teacher and guidance couselor at school before the year started.  It did help reduce her fears. Back story is we’ve had a really busy summer. Tim is a dairy farmer and he is not home much. I find it easy for him to keep cool.

12:37:33             From  Erin : I can only do that SO long !!

12:39:26             From  Erin : I like that way to approach it, I tend to play devil’s advocate

12:45:55             From  Erin : A new school year is like starting a new job

12:48:17             From  kellyc : Thank you for asking this Jen! This is my 5 year old too. Her favorite response is “no, Mom”

12:49:36             From  Cathy Adams : is there still an echo?

12:55:29             From  Erin : How about dinner is served until…. whatever time works  ??.

13:02:33             From  Kristen : That is me at bedtime!

13:02:43             From  Kristen : No humor left. Empty!