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4:06 In dealing with all of this stress, making all of these decisions, I have not been able to manage my feelings in front of my daughter as well as I’d like. I don’t yell. But my patience has been short and I have been so tired and unable to be the mom I wish I could be. How do I explain my uncle’s death or even just my sadness to my daughter without adding on a layer of fear that one of her parents may die someday? I don’t need the added stress of destabilizing her.   We aren’t religious at all and I haven’t been able to take enough moments to seek the help I need for myself. I finally have a long overdue appointment with my therapist on Monday, but I know that will not “cure me.”

14:00 Is it OK to admit that I’m not sure about how to be a good parent & to say it’s really hard?  Sometimes it feels like I’m giving up my ‘power’  eg my daughter tells me I’m not a boss of anyone.  Where is the balance how do you know when you have weaken yourself too much?

21:38  My oldest daughter is 7 any time any thoughts pop in to her head she refers as “her brain” she has been saying things like “mom I don’t want to do this but my brain is keep telling me to do it.  Stop brain.  I hate my brain.  I just want to kill my brain,  I wish I was never been born.   I just want to hit my head on ground so my brain can stop talking.”   Seems like it’s getting worse.   She is very highly sensitive child to begin with. I just don’t know how to respond or handle the situations.  I just feel awful every day when she talks like that I just don’t know where to start to help her out. Please help Thank you

34:35 Extended family member is in crisis.  Team member wants to help, but the family member isn’t willing to help him/herself.  How do I set up healthy boundaries?

47:19 15 year old son suffered heartbreak from a girlfriend.  Mom doesn’t quite know how to help.



The Untethered Soul

ZPR podcast # 198- Setting Boundaries With Love