Discussion & Time Stamps

2:40 Fostering gratitude in young children. How to navigate “present disappointment” on birthdays and holidays. Today’s my son’s 6th birthday and he’s already disappointed he can’t open all his gifts first thing before school…

6:39 Ways to support & encourage father/daughter bonding.

12:48 What if you have a daughter who is shut down and doesn’t share anything?

19:33 9 year old daughter who won’t pick up her backpack and responds mean.

25:22 9 & 10 year old neice who struggle with fairness.  One always think the other is getting more.

29:30 Thoughts/advice on helping a toddler adjust to having a new sibling. I’m due in about four weeks, and I think my 3.5-year-old may have a hard time with not being the only one getting mom and dad’s (and the grandparents’) attention.

37:45 My daughter (14) asked me why when someone has been victimized and they do the correct thing (in this case telling her principal what 3 boys have been saying and doing to her) the students in her school then jump on the victim with word and posts, not the people who were acting inappropriately! It happens over and over again in her school, her friends school on TV etc.. how do we teach them to keep doing what is right even though it causes more pain??

46:42 We have 4 children (7 – 2) who love to be home. We love to be home too! With summer coming we are feeling the pressure to put them in activities – so many people say you have to expose them to new things, be sure they are learning during the long break, etc. We have offered them camps but no one wants do anything outside the home. I hear dr shefali in my head saying wait until they know what they want to do so they are choosing their interests rather than it being parent driven. This really makes sense to us. That said we wanted your opinions and insights from others on how they have handled this.


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