Discussion & Time Stamps

2:04 12 year old daughter has a hard time regulating her emotions and only chooses to let things out is during bed time.

17:52 7 year old daughter can be very demanding, rude, disrespectful and controlling.

34:37 Daughter dealing with unkind girls and instructor in dance class

40:09 Mom having a hard time finding a therapist.


The Strength Switch (Book on strength based parenting)

Byron Katie- The Work– Who would you be without your story


12:01:56 From karnigriffin : Cathy you look great (oh you too, Todd)!
12:03:20 From Mimi Inahuazo : Hi
12:12:05 From karnigriffin : she did find the key by the way! and i reminded her how my husband and i lose things all the time
12:12:13 From Amanda : yes thanks!
12:15:11 From Mimi Inahuazo : this took me to a year ago my daughter at 14 told me I only see the bad, that hurted but woke me up
12:17:51 From Angie : Anyone else having trouble with the audio? When Cathy is talking, it sometimes cuts out.
12:17:59 From karnigriffin : yes a little
12:17:59 From Kristen : yes
12:18:06 From Jennifer : Me too
12:18:08 From Mimi Inahuazo : you are cutting up
12:18:45 From Mimi Inahuazo : yes
12:18:47 From Kristen : right now yes
12:18:53 From Angie : sorry — yes, both. It’s like the connection is not great.
12:18:56 From Ana’s iPhone : yes
12:19:05 From karnigriffin : thank you!!
12:22:42 From Kristen : you are muted a bit
12:26:49 From Angie : This might be a little “out there” for some, but when I looked up my daughters sun sign and personality traits, I found that, as a Libra, she’s easily distracted (YES!) and needs to have consequences for her choices, she needs things to be fair (and uses that word a lot), she might be into more of individual activities vs. team (dance vs. soccer) and that is playing out, too. Wonder if there’s anyway to better understand her character…
12:27:26 From Millie : I so feel for Amanda as I feel the same way and I have similar issues with my daughter. I feel like I should have done this or done that…and some things YEARS ago. Then Rob Bell’s latest podcast (the one that Todd pointed out in FB: Seatbelts and Snowflakes) gave me an Aha moment. His thought #4: “Your evolution is taking a while.” YES, I know that I’ve learned all these new ways of parenting, yet I feel like I’m not doing any of them well. BUT, my evolution is taking a while! At least I’m being more self aware. I need to give GRACE to myself! Patience is not my strongest suit but I’m working on it. Grace to you, Amanda!
12:27:43 From Kim’s iPad : the 9 year change is very powerful for some children. I know that there are some great articles out there
12:30:59 From karnigriffin : Angie my adult sister is a Libra and has those same qualities!!
12:31:49 From Kimmee : Just know you are not alone, Amanda. I’m sorry guys, I have to go back to work! Thanks for all that you do!
12:32:29 From karnigriffin : well said Millie
12:34:38 From Jennifer : And I loved Cathy’s self-compassion quote from last week — Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it. I think that applies soooooo much to parenting!
12:37:03 From Cathy Adams : who wants to go next?
12:38:23 From Amanda : Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement! so appreciated
12:41:01 From Jennifer : I have a couple of comments and a related question.