Discussion Topics & Timestamps

  • What to do when both of your children want attention at the same time – 0.0
  • My child might get a computer for Christmas – are there any pre-written guidelines? – 10.00
  • Monitoring screen time is an issue – are there easy ways to monitor or how to discuss overuse of tech? – 15:00
  • How do we balance aging parents, young children, staying connected to our spouse without losing ourselves? – 25.00
  • Issues regarding 12-year-old daughter: – 33.00
    • How and when to approach or begin difficult topics or ask questions about her life or just to talk with her, check in
    • Tone of voice – when to let it go, how to respond back, what to say when their tone towards you in public is disrespectful
    • On watching younger siblings- should they be paid?
  • My daughter told me she is bisexual – how do I support her? – 44.00
  • My older son isn’t always patient with his brothers – how do I help him/his brothers, and how do I deal with missing the old times when they all got along? – 54.00

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