Discussion Topics & Timestamps
(Note: Time stamps are a rough estimate):
  • Why the #metoo hashtag is making a difference
  • How to handle/respond to feedback from our partner (about being too sensitive or otherwise) – 8 minutes
  • How to handle/talk to our kids about inappropriate song lyrics – 23 minutes
  • Understanding violent video content and why we need to talk to our kids about it – 39 minutes
  • Asking our kids what they mean when they say someone is their girlfriend/boyfriend, and how to impart healthy-relationship wisdom – 44 minutes
  • How to be more real, honest, and forgiving around our children and why this teaches self-compassion and compassion overall – 49 minutes
  • Why #MeToo is a movement
  • A Handful of Quiet by Thich Nhat Hanh (recommended by Jennifer)