Discussion Topics & Timestamps
(Note: Time stamps are a rough estimate):
  • Why it’s important to notice our own “subtle violence”, so we don’t let it fester and grow, and so we become more conscious of our anger and boundaries
  • Why it’s important to listen and ask questions when our kids have a different communication style (8:00)
  • Why a one-year-old’s hitting is a way of communicating, and why it’s important to stay calm and consistent when redirecting (21:00)
  • What to say to our kids when they want a cell phone and we aren’t ready for them to have a cell phone (27:00)
  • Why phone contracts and verbal/written agreements are helpful when it comes to phones, apps, television shows, etc. (27:00)
  • How to transition from a calm summer to back-to-school busyness (45:00)
  • How to support a child who needs to decrease sugar intake without driving her or yourself crazy (49:00)