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2:28 8 year old is an overly sensitive perfectionist
26:40 8 year old daughter lacks confidence.
42:25  Wife not sure much to communicate to husband regarding teenage daughter’s sexuality ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
1:22 My daughter has threatened to harm herself.  How serious should this be taken?  What should I do?
22:19 My 11-year-old son doesn’t do what I ask.  My tune so he listens. 
41:10 How do I set up healthy boundaries when I am being verbally abused when it’s “easier” to not do anything?  ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
1:58 Sex talk 101
11:48 7 year old son conflict avoidant
25:14 Supporting friends with emotional challenges
33:20 Rough morning- 12 year old daughter says come pick me up from school
52:31 Going back to work after 20 years ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
0:55 Brother upset about mom’s will and is withdrawing from the family
21:12 11 year old son is expressing anxiety regarding climate change
27:51 11 year old son is becoming body conscious
36:42 5 year old son having a hard time managing anger and frustration
47:40 Toddlers are expressing normal “toddler-like behavior”- stuttering, biting nails, pushing boundaries, but mom is having a hard time navigating ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
1:10 Connecting with teens who don’t want to be connected with
21:35 The parental imbalance of differently wired kids ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
0:10 My sensitive 7 year old sometimes lies and melts down when he displays a lack of  self-control
29:03 I’m worried about my husband’s relationship with our 9 year old daughter once puberty starts
35:27 My daughter is 15 and entering a new stage and I don’t feel ready
55:10 Dawn’s closing thoughts ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
2:35 The balance between staying connected and not helicoptering
8:11 How to stay connected to my rebel daughter
15:40 College admissions process- am i backing off too much?
34:35 The things we really need to be teaching our kid
Can they cope with hard feelings
Can they handle their own problems
Can they take full responsibility with self care- Can they manage their time?
Do they know how/when to seek help
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Discussion & Time Stamps
0:52 Dealing with an aging mom
15:10 How to stay calm when my husband is mad at traffic, AT&T, Rep, etc. 
24:42 How do I help my 7 year old son practice self-compassion
31:39 Aging mom Part 2
36:50 I’m a teacher and I feel bad because my student’s parents “disciplined” their son
44:49 I’m going back to work and I’m carrying some motherhood guilt for my daughter who is still ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
1:02 13 year old is mean to his 7 year old brother. 
11:17 My daughter has been labeled dyslexic.  How do I best support her? 
27:50 My husband tells the kids to behave and it doesn’t sit right.
36:29 My son lied about using the family credit card to pay for his friend’s food.  What are the appropriate consequences?
48:38 We’re not religious, but we send our daughters to a religious ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
0:45 3 year old with sensory issues
22:56 a 13 year old boy- who has a phone.  Should I oversee his phone usage, or trust him?   ...
Show Notes & Recording

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