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3:38 My husband and I are not in agreement regarding how to set boundaries on our 13 year old son.
28:42 My 10 year old is asking me why I am working so much.
35:41 My kids are getting horrible sleep.  What do I do?  
44:50 Where is the balance between empathizing with someone’s situation and not allowing myself to be taken advantage of?
52:17 My in-laws are taking advantage of ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
0:00 Famous people banter
13:15 I can’t tell how my college daughter is adjusting to our new normal
25:35 My husband is not following Covid guidelines and wants to travel
44:30 My 6 year old son is hitting us.  I’m starting to lose it ...
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4:27 I’m sad because I’m overwhelmed
22:29 How do I express anger in a healthy way?
42:18 My 13 year old daughter  refuses to apologize to her brothers when she hurts them ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
0:00 Team Zen Updates- Support Micro-Community
7:52 Kristen-  I’m noticing more eating and drinking since Covid.
24:52 Cathy’s OREO’s habits
27:43 Malini- My oldest son gets away with more stuff, and my younger sons are asking why
51:48 Do I say I’m doing well when the people I’m with are not doing well ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
0:00 Todd & Cathy riffing about awareness, acceptance, and surrender
14:43 Anita feels big-time tension between her and her 12 year old daughter
20:18- Kim feels challenged being the mediator between her 16 year old daughter and her husband
41:13- how do you explain the benefits of dopamine to my 9 year old daughter
45:45 Jennifer is sad and she’s owning it!!! (Thank you for modeling)
54:00 SOS group ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
8:50 Matt’s Uncertainty about his job is making him stressed
21:05 13 year old boy isolating and not sure if it’s normal
42:54 The Work
1:02:25 Am I recycling issues- how do i reframe them? ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
4:27 Ally is a healthcare worker and is looking support
13:56 11 year old son uses the word “rape” flippantly and inappropriately
26:22 13 year old keeps lying to me
41:10 Dawn is struggling keeping her kids on a schedule
50:52 Spin the plates ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
2:49 Cathy’s update on things that have been helpful
10:44 Good News
12:45 I want to expose my kids to good life skills- how do I go about it without losing my s$%*?
20:30 Jennifer is feeling guilty because I am not productive, I’m only surviving
25:00 The mom from Little House on the Prairie
28:21 Lisa is trying to be normal and has been pushing down her feelings, until now ...
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Discussion & Time Stamps
1:33 Cathy’s intro to the corona virus
6:03 Lauren doesn’t know whether to let the nanny back in their home
20:38 Gail needs suggestions to motivate her teenagers.
26:40 Millie is in a shelter in place situation in northern California. How do I motivate my eight year olds in an e-learning situation.
40:45 Marjorie has an 8 year old is having a hard time because of his need for routine and ...
Show Notes & Recording
Discussion & Time Stamps
3:25 How do I make my kids feel supported when the other parent is in a triggered/threatened state
30:08 11 year old son who emotes on the soccer field
41:19 15 year old daughter wants to quit cheerleading. What should I do? ...
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