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ZenTalk #9

Why the problem isn’t the problem; coping is the problem (a Virginia Satir quote)
Why kindness informs how we choose to express our anger and other difficult emotions
Why meditation can help us accept rather than “work through” our emotions
How to not identify with worry
How to handle a picky eater/how to teach your child to be a thoughtful eater
How to talk with a child who is frustrated at a sibling or displays ...
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ZenTalk #10

Why it’s important to notice our own “subtle violence”, so we don’t let it fester and grow, and so we become more conscious of our anger and boundaries
Why it’s important to listen and ask questions when our kids have a different communication style (8:00)
Why a one-year-old’s hitting is a way of communicating, and why it’s important to stay calm and consistent when redirecting (21:00)
What to say to our kids when they want ...
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ZenTalk #8

Why it’s OK to let go of learning and productivity for awhile
The difference between masculine and feminine productivity (not gender specific, each of us has both)
Why and how we should add love to situations and spread love evenly
How to potty train when you feel under pressure to do so
How to find male and female role models for our children
How to discuss gender equality authentically and without lecturing
How to talk ...
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ZenTalk #7

Why we all have different responses to stimulus (we all have different sensitivities, and that’s ok)
Why some of us are more connected to other people’s emotions and what it means to be an empath
How to deal with old emotions that have never been released
Why emotional people often get less empathy from the ones they love (we all have a different purpose…)
How to ask for what we need
Some great games to ...
Show Notes & Recording

ZenTalk #6

Why it’s important to show up, even with our flaws and mistakes
Why telling our story is vital to our emotional health
Dealing with a child who is acting out in a serious setting (like a funeral)
Why setting expectations upfront may decrease negative behavior
Why it’s important to validate our children’s feelings and pain (even during sporting events)
Why validation is different than permissiveness ...
Show Notes & Recording

ZenTalk #5

Why values are “qualities of action”
How to change the story about family meals – how we eat, what we eat, and what we value most
How to empower a kid who lives “out of the box” while also teaching them about social norms
How to find balance when it comes to needing control
Understanding why we need control (go to the feeling it provides or the feeling that subsides) ...
Show Notes & Recording

ZenTalk #4

Why an “input fast” can be a good idea (so you can hear yourself think without people telling you what to think!)
How to talk to young children about adult topics (like a previous marriage)
Why normalizing allows our children to understand things (without anxiety)
Why siblings put each other down and how we can see it differently
Why kids (and all people) like having power
Understanding why and how we can all do hard ...
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ZenTalk #3

Why we need to protect our heart so we can keep it wide open
Why we need to create a new relationship with our teenager and how to effectively communicate
What is happening during meditation, why we meditate, and how to start
How to create a new relationship with the word “beauty” so we can authentically say to our children “you are beautiful” without feeling we are solely focusing on their appearance ...
Show Notes & Recording

ZenTalk #2

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change
How to talk with a child who connects achievement to self worth (right now)
How to intervene when siblings knowing/or unknowingly say unkind things to each other
How to deal with a child who loves junk food/how to deal with our own issues around eating
Why we need to do less to do more (paradox!) ...
Show Notes & Recording

ZenTalk #1

When partners have a differing point of view on being “late”
Helping kids take personal responsibility
How to help kids “trust their gut”
Why kids do the same thing repeatedly
Why Todd wears a Sherlock hat
And the answer to this question: what is the one thing we can ALWAYS do to make life more meaningful ...
Show Notes & Recording

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