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    Message from Todd & Cathy – We Love our Zen Team!

    We want to say a thank you for being a part of Team Zen – Cathy and I are really enjoying this community and feel honored to have you part of something that means a lot to us. If you just joined, welcome! We are thrilled to have you aboard and look forward to knowing you better. You will find our ZenTalk calendar below with date & time information. We hope you join us LIVE! If you can’t, remember, all talks are recorded and available on this site and via your own exclusive ZenTalk Podcast. See below for quick links to this content, our private Facebook community, Zenstore Discounts, and a calendar of upcoming events.

    We love you & Keep Truck’n!
    Cathy & Todd

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    Notes + Recordings

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    Discussion & Time Stamps
    2:28 8 year old is an overly sensitive perfectionist
    26:40 8 year old daughter lacks confidence.
    42:25  Wife not sure much to communicate to husband regarding teenage daughter’s sexuality ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    1:22 My daughter has threatened to harm herself.  How serious should this be taken?  What should I do?
    22:19 My 11-year-old son doesn’t do what I ask.  My tune so he listens. 
    41:10 How do I set up healthy boundaries when I am being verbally abused when it’s “easier” to not do anything?  ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    1:58 Sex talk 101
    11:48 7 year old son conflict avoidant
    25:14 Supporting friends with emotional challenges
    33:20 Rough morning- 12 year old daughter says come pick me up from school
    52:31 Going back to work after 20 years ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    0:55 Brother upset about mom’s will and is withdrawing from the family
    21:12 11 year old son is expressing anxiety regarding climate change
    27:51 11 year old son is becoming body conscious
    36:42 5 year old son having a hard time managing anger and frustration
    47:40 Toddlers are expressing normal “toddler-like behavior”- stuttering, biting nails, pushing boundaries, but mom is having a hard time navigating ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    1:10 Connecting with teens who don’t want to be connected with
    21:35 The parental imbalance of differently wired kids ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    0:10 My sensitive 7 year old sometimes lies and melts down when he displays a lack of  self-control
    29:03 I’m worried about my husband’s relationship with our 9 year old daughter once puberty starts
    35:27 My daughter is 15 and entering a new stage and I don’t feel ready
    55:10 Dawn’s closing thoughts ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    2:35 The balance between staying connected and not helicoptering
    8:11 How to stay connected to my rebel daughter
    15:40 College admissions process- am i backing off too much?
    34:35 The things we really need to be teaching our kid
    Can they cope with hard feelings
    Can they handle their own problems
    Can they take full responsibility with self care- Can they manage their time?
    Do they know how/when to seek help
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    0:52 Dealing with an aging mom
    15:10 How to stay calm when my husband is mad at traffic, AT&T, Rep, etc. 
    24:42 How do I help my 7 year old son practice self-compassion
    31:39 Aging mom Part 2
    36:50 I’m a teacher and I feel bad because my student’s parents “disciplined” their son
    44:49 I’m going back to work and I’m carrying some motherhood guilt for my daughter who is still ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    1:02 13 year old is mean to his 7 year old brother. 
    11:17 My daughter has been labeled dyslexic.  How do I best support her? 
    27:50 My husband tells the kids to behave and it doesn’t sit right.
    36:29 My son lied about using the family credit card to pay for his friend’s food.  What are the appropriate consequences?
    48:38 We’re not religious, but we send our daughters to a religious ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    0:45 3 year old with sensory issues
    22:56 a 13 year old boy- who has a phone.  Should I oversee his phone usage, or trust him?   ...
    Show Notes & Recording

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