Lessons from Ep.731 – “Love Every Day”

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Exploring the thin line between nurturing ambition and fostering well-being, Todd and Cathy delve into the complexities of today’s achievement culture. Discover insights on balancing aspirations with emotional health in our youth.

Overthinking What People Think

Cathy Adams Chicago Parent 0 Comments

Too often we pull back from an innovative idea, allow ourselves to be treated poorly or decide to not try something new because we find ourselves thinking, “I don’t want people to think that I’m…” What? Too successful? Too outspoken? Too self-loving? Instead of believing that it’s OK to do what feels good or right to us, we prioritize what …

Love what we see

Cathy Adams Personal Reflection, self-aware parenting, Writing 2 Comments

I have met people who make poor choices, people who act out of fear, people who demonstrate the negativity they feel. They aren’t inherently bad. They’ve just forgotten who they are. Pieces of themselves have been harmed, shamed, or forgotten. They are no longer whole, they act from brokenness. They carry unexpressed experiences and stories. They believe untrue fears that …