The choice and power of words

Cathy Adams Dear Girls 1 Comment

In a moment it can feel really good to yell at someone, to release the anger through words. It’s like unloading heaviness onto someone else for awhile, like a momentary relief. But later we are left feeling guilty and ashamed, with the realization that we were irresponsible. We forgot to pay attention. We lost sight of what was real and most important.

Want Change? Then Rethink

Cathy Adams Personal Reflection, self-aware parenting, Writing 1 Comment

  It’s been a tough week. How do we process what we feel? How do we change circumstances? Dialogue and posts are great, but they tend to fade away once we accept what has occurred. I don’t want to oversimplify the complexity of the week’s events, or the challenges of our unique lives. But even the most complex issues necessitate …