Sex Education for the 21st Century

Consent, Identity, and Healthy Relationships

Sexuality is a normal aspect of being human. It’s an essential part of self-worth and self-understanding. Yet today, our children are being exposed to, and bombarded by information earlier and more often. Without proper guidance, these mixed messages and peer pressure can lead to confusion, anxiety, and acting on sexual curiosity. But how can you speak with your children in a way that resonates?

Zen Parenting Radio’s Cathy+Todd Adams provide parents with an interactive and in-depth look at sex in the 21st Century. Through candid conversations and stories, they explore:

  • Why sex education is beyond the mechanics of sex
  • The importance of communication and talking about identity
  • Definitions of consent, sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • How to develop healthy relationships over time • Why “the talk” is actually an ongoing conversation
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"Immediately relevant"
"This not only helped my children, it helped my husband and me as well."
"It’s a great way for me get a better understanding of what my children are facing, and be able to share insights that are relatable."