You may say this, but do you really do this?  When someone doesn’t agree with you, do you make them bad, wrong, or mean, or do you accept their differences and love them anyway?  Cathy and Todd discuss the importance of loving your neighbor (friend, opposing political party, etc) even when you don’t see eye to eye.  They also discuss how they handled the tree in their backyard being cut down – it wasn’t easy for the adults or the kids.  Trees are essential to our well being and they are great role models for giving (air, shade, beauty), grounding (roots and stability), and rebirth (seasons).

Cathy is teaching a class about calming the negative self talk and loving your BODY (part of the MIND*BODY*SPIRIT workshops) at The Dailey Method, Elmhurst.  Wednesday, July 18th at NOON – bring a friend, your older kids, and a lunch!  Childcare available for young kids.  Call 630 832 3245 to register.