Cathy and Todd discuss the many layers of Barbie and why it has become such a phenomenon and lightning rod when it comes to discussing gender differences. They share candidly about seeing each other’s perspectives, how to think critically, and how to bring our ‘whole’ selves into the viewing experience. They discuss why the movie is an existential crisis, a representation of girlhood and womanhood, and an absolute paradox all at the same time. This is a good podcast to listen to with your partner and/or family! For the full show notes, visit

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Time Stamps

(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:06:50) Existential crisis

(00:10:00) Beta male

(00:13:50) The Problem with the word “Woke”

(00:17:18) The Bechdel Test

(00:19:30) The Bechdel Test Statistics

(00:20:47) Looking through men’s eyes

(00:23:43) Todd’s initial impression about the Barbie movie

(00:25:03) This is the Summer of Female Economics

(00:27:08) Ccritical thinking

(00:29:40) Having women at the center doesn’t equate to man-hating

(00:34:20) Our boys are getting left behind

(00:35:20) How do we talk about the truth without offending boys?

(00:37:00) How do we have healthy masculinity?

(00:44:44) Why do you think a man thinks he can’t be expansive enough?

(00:46:30) The familiarity of girlhood

(00:49:10) Why you are people looking at me this way

(00:53:14) New Barbie: Not about man-hating. It’s a shift – women empowerment, creating the life they dreamt of as little girls

(00:55:20) Navigating a situation and saying something

(00:57:47) The paradox of Barbie and the men

(00:59:09) What is the paradox of womanhood?

(1:02:22) The importance of speaking your mind

(1:06:00) Dads go take your sons to Barbie


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