Cathy and Todd discuss the movies that matter most to them, and how they relate to self-awareness, integrity, and even parenting. They discuss how we can use pop culture to communicate and get to know our kids, and how their other podcast, Pop Culturing, is deep dive into Gen X movies and TV. Link to Podcast Episode on our website.

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The Movies that Matter

In this episode of Zen Parenting Radio, Todd and Cathy delve into their favorite movies, categorized by genre. Inspired by their love for pop culture and family traditions of playing games, they explore how discussing films can provide insight into their children’s values and interests. They also touch on their membership program, Team Zen, and upcoming events.

During one segment, the hosts reveal their favorite characters from The Wizard of Oz, top Tom Hanks movies, and films that make them cry. They both agree on Scarecrow as their favorite Oz character, and while Todd opts for Big as his preferred Tom Hanks film, Cathy goes with Forrest Gump. They also discuss the emotional journeys in Dead Poets Society and Billy Elliot, which never fail to make them tear up.

In another part of the episode, Cathy and Todd reminisce about their favorite 80s movies. Cathy talks about the dynamics in St. Elmo’s Fire and the groundbreaking all-female comedy Bridesmaids, which helped launch Melissa McCarthy’s career. Meanwhile, Todd brings up Saving Private Ryan but has trouble pinpointing a specific standout scene. Overall, they share a lighthearted conversation about the films that defined the 80s for them.

As the episode progresses, Todd and Cathy discuss their top picks across various categories, including Say Anything, Blues Brothers, Chicago, and Tangled. They express their shared love for Apollo 13 and mention their plans to create a separate category for the best soundtrack.

In the final segment, the duo shares their favorite films that don’t fit neatly into any category. They praise Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight, Cathy’s admiration for Brokeback Mountain, and their connection to coming-of-age films like Stand By Me and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. To wrap up, they play a scene from The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

In summary, this episode of Zen Parenting Radio offers a fun and insightful journey through Todd and Cathy’s favorite films, spanning various genres and eras. Their passion for pop culture shines as they explore movies as a way to understand their children’s values and interests. With topics ranging from The Wizard of Oz to 80s classics and beyond, it’s a delightful listen for any movie enthusiast seeking diverse perspectives.


ZPR#707 – The Movies that Matter Full Episode Transcript – DOWNLOAD

Todd: Here we go. My name’s Todd. This is Cathy. Welcome back to another episode of Zen Parenting Radio. This is podcast number 707. Why listen to Zen Parenting Radio? Because you’ll feel outstanding and always remember our motto, which is the best predictor of a child’s wellbeing is a parent’s self-understanding on today’s show, it’s gonna be a fun one.

Todd: Yeah, we are going to, why don’t you tell everybody what we’re going to do and then I’ll make an 

Cathy: announcement or two. Okay, great. So I love that it’s 707 cuz you know, seven is my favorite number. And we are, the title of the show is called The Movies That Matter, and Todd and I are going to share movies.

Cathy: That, like for example, they’re categories. 

Todd: Oh dear. Oh. That’s the first big problem of today. 

Cathy: But we’ll get through it. We’ll get through it. Because Todd mistakes happen. Yes, they do. So we sh there’s like, for example, favorite Western favorite eighties comedy, that kind of thing. And Todd and I do not know each other’s answers.

Cathy: Like, we don’t know what we’re gonna say to these. No. And we are going to not just say, here’s my answer, but why? Right? So this is gonna be kind of a deep dive into the things that we love and why we love it. And for me, I don’t know about Utah, but for me they’re not surfacey reasons. No. There’s like a deep reason, you know, The two reasons that I wanted to do this on Zen Parenting Radio is number one, we have another podcast called Pop Culturing that many of you may already subscribe to or follow.

Cathy: This is our pop culture music

Cathy: and we have been doing pop culture for years. But we’ve just kind of come back and done three or four movies lately or TV shows. We did The Hangover. We did Greece. Greece, we did Three’s Company, which is really funny. And then we just did about last night. So Todd and I love doing that podcast. It’s so fun cuz we, and it’s not really that separate from Zen Parenting cuz we talk about movies and TV shows, but we have this like self-awareness, you know, perspective on it.

Cathy: Like, you know, where are these people? What’s going on at this time? 

Todd: Geez.

Todd: Knock on. Sorry. I just always have to play that. As 

Cathy: we were doing the threes company pop culture and he kept playing it. I 

Todd: played that throughout the entire podcast. 

Cathy: It’s making me laugh. So anyway, so it’s deeper than just, this is my favorite movie. There’s reasons. The other reason that I thought this might be important for Zen Parenting, even if you choose not to follow Pop Culturing, is because these are the kind of things that Todd and I do in our family.

Cathy: We play these kind of games with our girls. Like, what are your favorite songs? What are your favorite movies? Why? What TV show would you know, if you were or if it’d be books, if you were on a desert island, what book would you bring with you? Why has that changed? We just talk about pop culture a lot in our parenting because I think you can get a lot more answers and understanding about your kids.

Cathy: Through things that are a little more I wanna use the word safe, but things that are more about their interests. And it tells you a lot about who they are, what they value, you know, like the books that they choose or the, you know, the things, the movies that really inspire them, why it’s somehow connects to their lives or something that they’re trying to vocalize or something that they are trying to share.

Cathy: So we just wanted to share that this is kind of one of these things that we do in our family, and this is something that Todd and I just do all the time, just as a couple. We love to talk about this stuff. And we also have this other podcast pop culture. And so it felt very it felt very multilayered and important.

Todd: We’ll try to tie some meaning into it. But I’m more excited about just sharing clips and stories about how I experience film. Yeah, right. Yeah, absolutely. So first I wanna say thank you to Tammy from California. She’s our newest team, Zen member. I feel like Team Zen should have its own theme song, so we’ll have to work on that.

Todd: And a busy week for Team Zen. So if you don’t know what Team Zen is, you pay us 25 bucks and you get access to everything we do. And this week there’s a racing raising Healthy Sons micro community. There’s a zen talk on Thursday, I guess. Okay. Thursday. Thursday. And that’s where Todd and I just, you know, do a q and a.

Todd: We have Mike Doish coming in to speak to Team Zen on May 16th, about about 

Cathy: consent. And he is somebody who focuses on how to decrease and sexual assault and make people more aware of how to practice, consent and understand what it means. 

Todd: And then Friday, May 12th John Duffy and myself are going to be hosting a virtual class called Understanding Our Sons.

Todd: So hopefully you decide to join. You can cancel at any time, 25 bucks. And that’s just the tip of the ice cream tip of the iceberg. 14 sons. So now I, part of me feels like we should just rip through the categories so they know where we’re going. Oh, 

Cathy: rip through the category. I thought you were gonna say all of our answers.

Cathy: No, that’s awful. So I, and just so everybody knows I didn’t spend a lot of time on my list. I don’t think you did either. And we’re inviting you all to make your own, you know, as you’re listening to this podcast. Yeah. Make your own list. Think to yourself, what is your favorite movie or your favorite Tom Hanks movie.

Todd: So here’s, I’m gonna, 

Cathy: and before you do that one of the things I do with my college kids is when they’re writing their final papers, which I’m just about to start reading this week, so, is that when they give me their outline of what they’re gonna do, I say, what is your topic? And then give me a few paragraphs about why.

Cathy: I don’t want you to just choose a topic because you think I’m gonna like it, or because you think it’s gonna be easy or whatever. Why do you like this topic? Yes. And I feel like that gives them a better, like, indication is this the right direction? So that’s the thing about this list is when you come up with a movie, why in your own mind you can have fun and go on a date with your spouse and talk about all these things.

Cathy: Yeah. Or you can do this with your kids. I think it’s really it’s a way to get to know each other without having it feel so invasive. Yeah. So, okay, 

Todd: so favorite movie. Okay. And then you wrote Childhood Memory. Yeah. Childhood Memory. Movie. Childhood. Memory Movie. Okay. Favorite Tom Hanks movie Makes you cry.

Todd: Sports movie. Courtroom. Movie. Eighties. Movie. Comedy. War. Western Horror Mob. Overrated. Ooh, I didn’t come up with one for Overrated. Overrated. Romantic musical watch over and over. Best soundtrack. Embarrassed to Love Christmas Movie and sequel. 

Cathy: And I wanna throw one o other on here. Tom, I know I didn’t give you this, but a movie that didn’t fit the categories, but you wish there was a category four.

Cathy: Sure. Like a movie you love that didn’t you couldn’t fit it in. Sure. But it’s right mine down right now. Okay. I know what mine is too. So good. Okay. 

Todd: So, I put down for my favorite movie. 

Cathy: So number one, do, are you gonna do any like 

Todd: drum rolls or anything? There’s gonna be a lot of drum rolls. If I start, we’ll just do drum roll on the first one.

Todd: How about that one? Okay. All right, let’s get going. The drum roll for 

Todd: my favorite movie of all time. Is empire Strikes Back. All right. 

Cathy: I feel like that could have had a few categories 

Todd: here. I’m sure it could have. And part of me always feels guilty for saying empire’s my favorite over Star Wars because I feel like Star Wars is the most impactful movie.

Todd: I’ve ever, I was five years old, my dad said, we’re going to see this movie called Star, star Wars. He picked me up in a Plymouth, a white Plymouth. I remember the color of it. Wow. And I didn’t understand all of it. I knew Darth Vader was bad and Luke was good, but Empire Strikes Back is a more compelling movie and Yoda is in there.

Todd: Oh yeah. Which is a big part of why Empire Strikes Back is as good as it is. 

Cathy: I like 

Cathy: when Yoda is pretending that he’s not Yoda at the beginning and that he is just like a silly green guy in the Yes. In the Deba system. 

Todd: I am gonna play clips from some movies here, and this is Luke.

Todd: What. All right. I’ll give it a try. No, why not? Do or do not? There is no trying. That might be the best line ever. From Master Yoda or in general in, you know, 

Cathy: Yoda. I don’t know if he had little Yodas of his own, except because Baby Yoda is different. The Mandalorian? Yes. Baby Yoda, and I’m forgetting his name and everyone’s gonna be mad.

Cathy: Right. But I only watched the first season. I haven’t watched the next, but he, you know, Yoda is a parenting teacher. In a way, you know, he’s, or being human, being teacher. Yes. Let’s just do that. He is just a human being teacher, and, you know, just, I can’t tell you how often I use his quotes. You know, I even in the book, I wrote the mo, I talked about unlearning.

Cathy: What we have learned, because that’s kind of always the goal with parenting is how can you. Offer your kids things that they don’t have to do so much on learning as they get older. You know, that’s 

Todd: a really good way of tying in some parenting philosophy on this podcast. Oh, believe me. Because all I’m trying to do is let go of the baggage I picked up growing up.

Todd: Right. And that’s what Master Yoda’s saying is, let, instead of unlearning, let’s not pick up the bags. Yeah. And our kids are gonna come up with their own bags. Let’s not pass our bags down to them. Fewer bags, 

Cathy: hashtag fewer 

Todd: bags, less bags. All right. What do you got? So, 

Cathy: my favorite movie is Spotlight. 

Todd: Oh my gosh.

Todd: I thought you were gonna say Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I know. 

Cathy: Well, you know, there was another category for that. 

Todd: Yes. Oh, you’re being a 

Cathy: little strategic. I am. My favorite movie is Spotlight because I am. So inspired. The spotlight just got me through a lot of hard times where I was concerned about that people would get away with things that, that love wouldn’t win, that people would give up or allow bad things to happen and that no one would show up and do anything about it.

Cathy: And as we know Spotlight, maybe you don’t, but Spotlight is about the Boston Globe. Uncovering the the priest scandal, the fact that priests were molesting children, and then just basically being. Moved around from parish to parish and there wasn’t anything being done about it Cover up the cover up.

Cathy: It just went on forever. And I, the movie is not about the priest per se. It’s about the journalism. It’s wonderful. And so the fact that, you know, when I don’t really talk about, it’s not that I’m saying to people all the time, my favorite movie Spotlight. It’s just sometimes people are like, oh, isn’t that about the, you know, the priest scandal?

Cathy: That’s kind of heavy. It’s not, no, it’s about journalism. It’s about journalism and it’s about people willing to do hard work and stand up for what they believe in. There’s so many scenes. Where people like, you know, Michael Keaton’s character toward the end where he’s like, oh, this is how it happens. Yeah, this is how it all happens.

Cathy: This you’re trying to have me roll over. So, you know, it’s just, you see how easy it can be to let corruption continue and I just am very, I Todd, how many times Spotlight? You 

Todd: watch it last night, we watch it. It’s a good night. It’s a good movie for us to fall asleep to because it’s not a lot of loudness, even though I’m about to play a loud scene.

Todd: Are you gonna do They knew. Yeah, they knew. But before I do that you know, just to try to tie some parental meaning into some of these movie selections. Let’s teach our kids what’s appropriate, what’s not appropriate. Absolutely. Starting 

Cathy: from scratch. Yeah. And then let’s earlier the best also be a place where when kids tell us things, that we believe them and we follow through.

Cathy: And we don’t, we, you know, actually, and I feel like in this generation that’s much more common. Yeah. But historically there wasn’t a lot of listening. And you know, the thing I, I don’t wanna go to. You know, far down this path. But like the Larry Nasser case, the thing that was so interesting to me with that was the gymnasts who were being molested by their trainer, is that the girls were telling people, but they weren’t always believing them.

Cathy: Yeah. And sometimes that was their parents. Sometimes that was the other trainers or they were covering up for Larry. And just the fact that adults are more concerned about that than, you know, whatever the coverup is or like, or concerned about what’s going to, how people are gonna view gymnastics overall.

Cathy: I mean, look at it all fell apart and they have had to build up anyway. So I just find it to be just another reminder of living in our integrity, boom. 

Todd: Oh, 

[plays movie clip]

Cathy: Goosebumps. So Mike Cindi is my favorite character in this. It’s Mark Ruffalo and he’s, I just watch him act in this movie. And I’m kind of annoying cuz I’ll be like, look how he said that. Look how he did that.

Cathy: Like, there is so, and it’s, he’s not the only one. Everybody’s good in this movie. I mean, I just, I love to watch them act and I don’t even feel [00:13:20] like they’re acting. I, that’s, that sounds like I’m saying I’d love to watch them line read. Yeah. That’s so good so good. 

Todd: Ready? Next category. Yep, go ahead. Childhood memory.

Todd: Let’s hear it. I decided to go with this.

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: And then even Todd does, he puts his arms up of the air and walks around for a time. We did that to our wedding. This is our wedding.

Cathy: Our wedding our, 

Todd: we did that to our wedding. When we walked out in the reception, we walked out to Star Wars. This is the song that we won. And Todd puts 

Cathy: his arms up in 

Todd: the air and he says like, I am king of the world because if there’s ever a song that wants to get me motivated, Uhhuh, it’s that.

Todd: So I don’t need to talk about Star Wars. You’ve all seen it. It’s just, it’s, it defined my youth. So Todd, 

Cathy: we have a theme going for you so far. Yes, we do. My child, 

Cathy: my favorite childhood memory and also in my top one or two favorite movies is Wizard of Oz. 

Todd: I knew 

Todd: it. Yeah. Why is it Wizard of Oz? 

Cathy: Because it defined my childhood.

Cathy: I related to Dorothy not kind of getting what was going on. I understood her desire to find people who understood. I understood why she wanted that connection with those characters. And I loved that the bottom line was that she took care of people. 

Todd: Who’s your favorite scarecrow.

Todd: For sure. Don’t you think Scarecrow is most, if you’re just choosing between Tin Man, scarecrow and Lion? Most people choose 

Cathy: Scarecrow. I don’t know. I think he’s the most fatherly figure type. I think he’s the first person that, you know, she comes across so it’s her first companion besides Toto, of course.

Cathy: And I just feel like he and I just Ray Bolger it’s like hard to remember Ray Bolger was the guy who played him. It’s hard to remember what came first with my memories cuz I’ve been, you know, people, listen, who’ve listened to the show a long time, know this, but I dressed up as Dorothy for three, four years in a row.

Cathy: When I was a kid. I had no other costume. And just, and in my meditation area, I have a lot of Wizard of Oz stuff. Like

[playing movie clip]

Todd: how old was Judy when she did this? Judy 

Cathy: Garland was 15 years old. Oh my gosh. And yeah, so, you know, and then the love of Judy Garland as well. And, you know, there’s just, there’s a lot, but I could do, like, there’s so many books I’ve read about The Wizard of Oz and how much sp how much spirituality is in it, and universal truth, and, you know, how we perceive reality and it’s just, it’s a deepy.

Todd: So my next the category is best Tom Hanks movie. 

Cathy: Favorite Tom Hanks. I think we’re gonna have the same one. I don’t think we are. 

Todd: Oh, interesting. And I’m not even gonna say what it is. Instead I’m gonna play a clip from it. Okay.

Todd: [playing movie clip with Todd singing with it]

Three more times, sweetie. What’s the movie? Big. I was gonna go Gump, but I decided to get creative.

Todd: Do I like big more than Gump? I don’t know Todd. I chose big. Did you really? Uhhuh. Oh my God. How could you not have chose Forrest Gum? I 

Cathy: had Forrest Gump written down first, and then when the question is favorite Tom Hanks movie. Oh. Interest. And Tom Hanks is amazing in everything. Okay. Yeah. Like Castaway could have been on the list for gum.

Cathy: We watch Apollo 13 over and over, but the best Tom Hanks performance is big. Yeah, that’s, I mean, was 

Todd: he nominated for an Oscar? But he was, he did not win. He did not even close. So it’s just to try to tie some parenting strings around big. What I get out of is don’t forget what it’s like to be young.

Todd: Yeah. And I remember towards the end of the movie when Tom Hanks really starts Josh Kin’s character really starts to inhabit. The adult world. Yeah. He’s in his hair slowly become like he There’s an evolution. Yeah. And he goes from wearing that. He put wearing that crazy suit blue thing to looking like a normal adult.

Todd: Yeah. And then his best friend has to basically grab him and say, you’ve forgotten who you are. So let us not forget who we are. 

Cathy: All right. It’s very Calvin and Hobbs, right? Yes. Oh, okay. Yeah. So yes, I’m with you on that. So I don’t know if we need to do more, cuz 

Todd: I agree. We All right.

Todd: Beautiful. So So next category is makes you cry. I didn’t think really hard about this one, but once again, instead of sharing what it is, I’m gonna just play the clip. 


[playing movie clip]

Cathy: I get teary just, here you go. Hey Mike. Guy. Just goosebumps. Sit down. Todd Anderson. 

Todd: I just, I’ve seen that scene a bazillion times. I judge myself for not being able to feel my feelings. And it is not happening in this moment. I have goosebumps going all the way up and down my backbone.

Todd: You do. And it’s so funny, the power of these movies that helps a guy like me who judges himself too harshly about not being able to feel his feelings lands for me. And it’s just so wonderful. And it’s because Ethan Hawk’s character, Todd, I. Is doing at the time, the most courageous thing he’s ever done in his entire life.

Cathy: And he, you know, as a good movie, does, you earn that ending because Todd, that’s not who Todd is when you meet him. Yeah. And the things that he has to go through and experience for him to get to a place where he chooses integrity and he chooses what’s right. You know, and seeing through the bull.

Cathy: I know we’re not supposed to sh you know, swear on this show. Yes. The bs he stands up for what’s Right. Okay. What do you got, babe? Well, the movie that made me cry, because I cry at everything. Yeah. You so the movie that made me cry the hardest in my lifetime was Billy Elliot. Ooh. So, it’s another movie that you have to dive in and, How do I say this?

Cathy: The movie, it’s not that, it’s that easy to watch, sometimes it’s hard to understand what they’re saying. There’s a lot of difficult moments. But the ending of the movie, if you, I mean, and those of you who have seen it, you know, so you already know everything. Just go watch the YouTube clip of the end of this movie again.

Cathy: The relationship between the father, the brother, and Billy and the best friend who shows up at the ballet at the end too. I, well, I remember exactly where I was, Todd. We were living on Schubert in Chicago and I was sitting in bed. It was, and I could not breathe. At the end, when I start, I don’t, and again, it hit me in that place of being seen and the parent and the, you know, how they showed up for him and what he did and the overcome.

Cathy: I mean, it’s like every layer of what I find to be Right. You know. Beautiful. 

Todd: Well, and the ending is, and I know you just talked about this, it’s, that’s everything. Unreal. It’s about, yeah. So I don’t know this movie as well as I know most of these others, so I don’t know if this is the best scene, cuz it might be a lot of visual, but it’s called Billy’s Acceptance Letter scene.

Todd: Oh, 

Cathy: that’s a great scene too. Yeah, go ahead.

Cathy: It. 

Todd: Oh

Todd: yeah. That clip is not gonna play well on the podcast. So 

Cathy: I kind of talked over him, but he said, I got in, they’ve been waiting to see because Billy, when he goes to the tryout, which that in itself, getting him to that place is so difficult. And when he gets to the tryout, he actually ends up getting in a fight.

Cathy: He dances lovely, but they’re like, the reason that they end up letting him in is when they ask him why. Yeah. He wants to dance. And his answer is, you know, I won’t give that away. But then the end is unbelievable. Yeah. So I just, that movie, I can’t, I really can’t watch it. They’ll end because I have a hard time.

Todd: Yes, you do. And it’s powerful for sure. Yeah. Okay, next category is sports. I had a two-way tie here. Okay, 

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: All right. All right. I’m just gonna keep play these too long cuz he likes them so much. 

Todd: I do. Do you know what the two-way times it’s full Durham? Yeah. No, I know, but do you know what I say?

Cathy: Oh, 

Cathy: Let’s see. Bull Durham or not Tin Cup. No. What Field of Dreams? Field of Dream. Okay. So all Kevin Costner. Oh 

Todd: yeah, I, the one other thing I appreciate about Kevin Costner is he is a natural athlete. He knows how to play golf cuz you can see that in Tin Cup. He knows how to play baseball. So yes.

Todd: That’s just another bonus cuz it does annoy me when they hire actors that don’t know how to play the sport. 

Cathy: Which will be interesting cuz this is one of these actor, my movie as one of these actors that’s people sometimes aren’t sure he knows how to play. And I chose Jerry McGuire. Oh. So I know that it’s not necessarily just about the sport, it’s about a sports agent.

Cathy: Oh, sure. But there’s so much, you know, sports in it. Right. Jerry McGuire’s in my Top five favorite movies, I love Jerry McGuire. I love it. And it’s weird because it’s not, I don’t love ne necessarily the relationship between Renee Zellweger and Tom Cruise. I remember seeing Jeremy McGuire for the first time and I didn’t buy it.

Cathy: I was like, ah, I don’t know if they’ll stay together. What I love. Is Jerry’s relationship with Rod. That’s the relationship I love. 

Todd: Speaking of which 

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: I love Rod’s face in this one. 

Todd: So good. Help me. Help you. Help. Yeah. That’s a good, that’s a solid choice. Okay. Good. Nice job. Okay. Any like any other, anything? Hi, you wanna do with your, I 

Cathy: mean, you know, I. I mean, like I said, it’s not necessarily parenting as much as we’re talking about relationships.

Cathy: And I think the whole, what I love about Jerry McGuire is I love the way it begins because Itens with Jerry having what we call a breakdown or a breakthrough or whatever it may be, where he realizes he’s been doing work I’ve used this word 80 times today, that’s not in his integrity. Are we seeing a through line here?

Cathy: And that he realizes that the kind of agent he is never who he wanted to be. So he makes a decision, I’m not going to be this agent [00:26:40] anymore. And then there’s a huge fallout because of it. So the whole movie is about the fallout and then it’s, then he figures out why he had to go through that 

Todd: journey.

Todd: Next category is courtroom. Yeah. Courtroom Todd. And I want you to choose first, cuz I’m hoping you choose the one that I was gonna choose so I could choose a different one. Okay. 

Cathy: I chose To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Todd: Oh, all right. And why did you choose that one? 

Cathy: Because it’s probably the most, you know, it’s one of those movies that I think I first watched with my aunt when I was little.

Cathy: Cuz it’s one of her favorite movies and books. And then I have a story that I’ve shared before on the show that one time I got in trouble with the police when I was in high school. And my mom and dad came to get me. And it wasn’t a big deal. It was like trespassing. Don’t everybody worry.

Cathy: But I had to come home and I remember my parents you know, we were up, it was middle of the night, and so I laid in my mom’s bed with her and we watched to Kill a Mockingbird on WGN. And it was one of those moments where I was like, Cathy, who do you wanna be? Yeah. You know, like, I would much rather be in the place that Atticus Finch is in.

Cathy: Not that I, it’s apples and oranges what I was experiencing, but who I’m gonna use the word again, integrity. 

Todd: Had it not been for this movie, who knows how you would’ve ended up, 

Cathy: sweetie? I could have been still trespassing through lots of parts. Yes. 

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: Good old Atticus Finch man. And he stood up, you know, he’s like our, a hero of our time. Like he’s somebody who knew what was right. He understood everybody’s dignity, all human value, and he taught his children to do the same. And so there is that parenting and I find it all so fascinating.

Cathy: Like where, and maybe people know this, you know, I have read the book several times, but you know, where is the other parent? Yeah. You know, where, you know, all these things in this movie that are really interesting as far as relationships goes, Boo Radley’s, you know, experience in town and the kids’ relationship with him.

Cathy: There’s just layers and layers. 

Todd: I was gonna go with a few Good men. Oh yeah, of course. I’m shocked that you didn’t choose a few 

Cathy: Good Men. Well, I mean, it isn’t one of my favorite movies, Todd. I’ve seen it a million times, but it’s not for me what it is for you. I don’t 

Todd: know if this scene from a different movie that I’m about to play is better than a Few Good Men, but I just felt compelled to play 

Cathy: it.

Cathy: So you’re doing a different movie right now? Yes. Okay. 

[playing movie clip]

Todd: Might be one of the funniest. 

Cathy: You have to choose my cousin Vinny instead.

Might be, yeah, I did my choice. My cousin Vinny. Okay, good. But that might be one of the funniest movie moments of all time. Even our 

Cathy: children were the vet. The funniest part is both.

Cathy: When he doesn’t, he sit down and say something like, I did pretty well. 

Todd: He’s like, I’m getting better. I’m getting better. Yeah, that’s right. So good. It’s so good. Okay. And as far as, it’s a great, this is a great movie to watch with your kids. It’s not too dirty or not too much cussing. Yeah, and it’s funny, funny’s funny at age as well cuz our kids are very critical, very of the movies that we invite them to watch from our youth and they’ll just say, yeah, that wasn’t good.

Todd: Don’t be like that. But they did. Like my cousin Vin. Well and 

Cathy: the whole Marissa tome thing, I mean, she’s a great female character in this movie. Like their relationship is, you know, what she’s willing to do and then what she’s willing to not do. And then obviously her, she won an Academy Award for that movie.

Cathy: So her time on the stand and explaining cars is just a classic scene truth. 

Todd: Okay. Do you want me to go next or do you wanna Sure. You go eighties. So this is 

Cathy: eighties. I actually did have two for this, but I am gonna just stick with the one, but just say the second one. Just, 

Todd: here we go. 

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: Do you know what the best is to listen to John Candy is his little laughs at the end of sentences. 

Todd: So that is from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles in my top five for certain.

Todd: It’s just the most heartwarming, endearing. Weird movie. It’s a comedy, but it also gets really serious at the end. Yeah. Steve Martin has a huge arc, very layered. So it’s wonderful. I’m guessing, do you wanna guess what mine is? I don’t know. I’ll guess like Breakfast Club or something.

Todd: Not Breakfast Club. I’m thinking John Hughes, but I could be wrong in that.

Cathy: In that world, but not John Hughes. 

Todd: Okay. What is it? 

Cathy: It’s St. Elmo’s Fire. Oh, Man in Motion. Yeah. So I think that if I were going to, so I love all the eighties movies and I mean, where do I begin with this category? This is basically everything Todd and I talk about.

Cathy: But if there’s a movie that I get most excited when I see it’s on TV that I can pick up at any moment, it’s sat almost fire. Yeah. Minus the Dale Beaverman- Kirby Kager storyline. That’s just mooring 

Todd: is, so, there is a little bit of there’s a weakness in the movie. There is a weakness, and it’s the Kirby Dale 

Cathy: story of it.

Cathy: I don’t care about them. And Kirby stalking her and Dale is like not doing a great job, being like, stop. Do you know what I mean? She, I’m not saying it’s her fault. I’m saying that she’s like, she’s just not as a lot of eighties women, she’s not well developed. No. I’m like, how is this woman this strong?

Cathy: And she’s a doctor and she’s like, allows him to come into her apartment after he is been stalking at a party. I’m like, what are you doing, Dale? Stop. 

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: Oh, Kirby. So that’s my least favorite story, right? Remember, I think my favorite storyline is I really like the what’s happening between what’s her name? All their names are escaping me, Jules? Not Jules, Wendy. Oh, not, and not one.

Cathy: Not even. I like Wendy and Belly. Like, I think that storyline is important. It gives you a lot of context for like who Billy is and you know, so you’re thinking that Ellie Sheedy character like Ellie Sheedy and Judd Nelson their relationship and then Kevin, you know, the whole Andrew McCarthy character.

Cathy: I like, it’s not like, is a strong word. I’m most interested in that triangle. Like how that, and just how they make Alec, that’s his name, Alec Newberry. They make Alec like, and let’s their leader and he’s not a great leader. No. Like he’s not really talk, he’s not in his integrity. No. And he, and that, you know, not that Kevin’s a great leader.

Cathy: I never, I think it was one of those movies where at the end I kind of understood why she didn’t choose either of them. Yeah. I think I’d be like, you know what guys, I’m gonna scrap this and I’m gonna start over. Let’s be friends because neither of them were really going to benefit her in the long run.

Cathy: She needed to go live her life. 

Todd: I think the audio’s gonna be bad, but I gotta play it anyways. Okay. 

[playing movie clip]

So the other movie that is in the, kind of the, this is my only one where I did two. The Honorable mention is the humor that Gen X has is because of airplane. So as far as an eighties plane or as far as an eighties movies go, airplane is like, don’t you think that’s like the beginning movie of our generation?

Cathy: Sweet. You just 

Todd: told my next one for comedy. I did, yeah. 

Cathy: Oh, I’m sorry. Well good. This is, that’s okay. This like airplane is Gen X. Yeah. Like this is what we thought was funny. It’s cuz it was. 

Todd: The steward has said, both pilots, 

Cathy: can you fly this plane and land it? 

Todd: Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious.

Todd: And don’t call me Shirley. Boom. 

Cathy: I mean, I like this kind of what do you call this kind of humor? It’s slapstick, right? Slapstick is ridiculous and it’s hilarious. And then we had all the naked guns, and I just think these guys, Zucker, was that what their last name was? 

Todd: The, some brothers, I 

Cathy: forget.

Cathy: Yeah. And they, it just kind of established the comedy for the eighties. So, okay, so your favorite comedy was Airplane. My comedy. My favorite comedy is Bridesmaids. 

Todd: I was gonna. That is an honorable mention of mine. Yeah. Cause it is unbelievable. 

Cathy: And Todd and I have done, by the way, just as Todd’s looking up something for Bridesmaids.

Cathy: Cause I didn’t tell him mine ahead of time. No. So he’s having to find things really quick. Is that we have done Pop culturing episodes on Bridesmaids. We’ve done St. Almos Fire, we’ve done Jerry McGuire. And I think that’s it from all the movies we’ve spoken about. But Bridesmaids was, for those of you, you probably know this, but it was the first all female comedy written by women.

Cathy: It was produced by Judd Apatow who was really huge at the time. And obviously it was a breakout role for Melissa McCarthy. It was, we had never seen anything like 

Todd: this. So Melissa McCarthy, the funniest. I’ve never been blown away by somebody who I didn’t watch She was a Gilmore Girls.

Todd: Right, right. I didn’t watch Mike and Molly. Mike and Molly. I never watched any of her stuff. And then I saw this movie and I’m like, this woman is the funniest person I’ve ever seen. 

[playing movie clip]

Todd: If you ever, if you’re ever in a bad mood and you need to laugh pull YouTube the outtakes to Melissa McCarthy on Bridesmaids. It’s 

Cathy: not bridesmaids. It’s 

Todd: oh, that’s, this is 40. That’s This is 40. My God. Thank you for that. Yes. I’m just this is one of the funniest movies ever made for sure.

Cathy: I know. So that is comedy. Yeah. So the next one for You’ll Go with you. It’s War. 

Todd: Oh War. I don’t know if I have a good scene for this, but did we skip over one? I feel like we may have skipped over one. Nope. No. Oh, I don’t have a good, so saving private ride. Okay. Like, I don’t know. It’s just not I actually have, it’s such a deep, heavy, hard to watch movie for so many reasons, especially the first 15 minutes, which is I don’t even know how to describe it. Impactful. Like, I remember watching it in the theater and I’m like, this is unbelievably realistic. And you know, when we When we go on the beaches of Normandy, I’m just like, this is unbelievable. But it’s well acted and well directed and it’s just a really 

Cathy: sweet movie.

Cathy: Yeah. Tells it gives us a lot of insight. Right. Yeah. You know, my war movie is Star Wars. Oh, really? Yeah. Well, it’s a different take. Yeah. I just feel like, The thing that’s always interesting about watching future show shows that are about the future is, or dystopian shows or whatever it may be, or movies, is it’s telling the same story, right?

Cathy: We repeat cycles, we repeat history, and you know, star Wars is about an oppressive regime and the rebels who are willing to risk everything to make things right and make sure that people are taken care of and cared for, like what else is and it’s funny, as a kid, I didn’t get any of that. Right? I just like the cantina scene. That’s really all. But I, this is an, you know, it’s everybody’s favorite movie. 

Todd: I’m gonna take a liberty here, okay? And instead of playing a scene from Star Wars Uhhuh, I’m gonna play a spoof from Star Wars. You gonna play Bill Murray? No. That SNL did. Undercover Boss.

Todd: And it’s where Kylo Ren is going undercover on the Death Star. Adam Driver was so Adam Driver on it. 

[playing movie clip]

Todd: Yeah. Sorry to make fun of one of my favorite movies of all time, but that’s pretty damn point. It was really good.

Todd: Okay, next category is Western. Western. I didn’t have one. You have no westerns? I mean, I trusted my gut. And I don’t th I mean, I love Dancing with Wolves. That’s not a Western. Sure it is. I don’t think so. Of course it is. Is it? Of course. It’s fine. I’ll go dances with horse. 

Cathy: That’s been a war movie too.

Cathy: I 

Todd: think of Dancing at Wolves as not a, Hey, 

Cathy: if there’s horses cowboys, 

Todd: then you’re gonna give it to me. Yes. Yeah. So I’ll once again, Kevin Kosner showing up a lot in my, I know one, one of the best. That’s one of the best movies of all time. Wind In His Hair. Wind In His Hair. Stands 

Cathy: with a Fist. Stands with a Fist.

Cathy: We love Dances with Wolves. That’s a good one to watch with. I know that there are, there is a sex scene in Dances with Wolves and there’s obviously a lot of violence. Oh yeah. And a lot of pain. Yes. But if once your kids are old enough, it’s a great a great movie 

Todd: because for discussion we’re just so used to being the good guys.

Todd: Yeah. And in that movie, US White folks are not the good guys. Dumb bear. Dumb bear. What do you have? 

Cathy: I have Legends of the Fall. Ooh, interesting. Which is a movie that I don’t even know if it really, you know, got into the zeitgeist very much. It was Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins and Quinn Aiden.

Cathy: Quinn Aid. Quinn. Yeah. And I was obsessed with this movie for a long time. I wa it’s a very long movie. It generations, you know, kind of shows you a long period of time. Three boys, and actually, you know, who else is in it? Elliot Elliot from me to who’s now in all the Michael, Mike Flanagan movies.

Cathy: What’s his real name? His name Thomas. Thomas something something Thomas. Anyway, yeah. He, the, they’re three brothers and they are in, they, you know, they live with their dad. Their mom basically left, and they are very different men. And they all unfortunately fall in love with the same woman.

Cathy: And Brad, it’s kind of Brad Pitt at his best in many ways, in every way that Brad Pitt can be best. So much so that he’s 

Todd: kind of like 

Cathy: angelic in that movie. Well, he’s beautiful. Yeah. They talk about, he’s not just beautiful in the way he looks, but he’s one with nature. He much, he reveres Native American culture.

Cathy: And there are there’s Native American families that live on their land that were protected by the family, thank goodness. And he learns from them, you know, like that he has reverence for the land. So he, but I loved him so much that Todd and I were going to name our third child Tristan, if we had a.

Cathy: Boy and I and we had Skylar, who we named after character in Goodwill Hunting and Skylar’s, like, you could’ve named me Tristan. Yeah. And I was like, that’s true. Yeah. I don’t know why we thought it had to, but I love Skylar too. So. But that’s 

Todd: Brad, maybe we should change your name 15 years after the fact.

Todd: Maybe. The next genre or next category is horror. Yeah, 

Cathy: I know what mine is. You know what 

Todd: mine is. Yours is going to be Halloween, correct? Yes. Why is Halloween your pick sweetie over all the other good? Movies out there, 

Cathy: because Halloween is the first movie that scared the crap out of me. And I was too young to watch it, and it messed me up and I got obsessed with it. And it was the beginning of my love of horror movies. And I still love horror movies. I can’t watch them the way I did when I was a teenager. I, they have to be excellent. They have to, you have to show me a horror movie that has all the pieces, you know, like a get out kind of movie.

Cathy: Yeah. Or like I, we’ve talked about Mike Flanagan’s TV shows, you know, haunting of Hillhouse, Orly Manor or Midnight Mass. Like I will Invest if there is something to be said. And Halloween’s just scary first horror movie to, you have the perspective of the killer of the Bag guy. So you’re looking through the eyes of Michael Myers.

Cathy: And so that was new and. Lots of, we could do a deep dive into Halloween. Some 

Todd: other time. I should have thought this through because I, the one I’m about to give to you, I realize it’s not my favorite horror movie anymore because you just mentioned it. Get Out is is my favorite. It’s just an unbelievably good movie. Yes. But instead I’m gonna play a scene from the one I thought it was gonna give. Okay. And it’s Sixth Cents. Oh sure. And it’s really powerful and you give me the sign when you want me to stop playing this clip. But this is just a really heartfelt scene.

Todd: Of the young boy, I forget his name. Halle. Joel Oman’s. Character Uhhuh was talking to his mom 

Cathy: in the car. Oh, and that’s Tony Collette. Yes. Who, no one knew who that was then. And now everybody does. 

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: Makes me cry. She hid in the back. They wouldn’t 

Todd: see. Is that good? The second half is just as, isn’t that a Saint Cole? 

Cathy: I dunno. I don’t know. But they were both nominated for academy. Oh my God. Those 

Todd: two And that movie has a. Nowadays you can’t do twists anymore.

Todd: No. Because everybody does tos on ’em before you go see the movie. 

Cathy: But that was the first scary movie we showed our girls, and obviously at different times. Yeah. But when JC started getting interested in scary movies, we said, let’s start with this and see how you do. Yeah. Because it’s it’s scary.

Cathy: You know, and there was some violence in it, some things that pop outs and such, but I think it’s a good starter for a kid who’s starting to get really interested. Yeah. 

Todd: What do you, okay, so the next category, my sweetheart is Mob. Mob. You wanna go first or you want me to, I think we probably have the same one.

Todd: Oh, I think we do too. Let me play my clip. 

[playing movie clip] 

Cathy: She used to take this. She’s like, okay, just bring it 

Todd: back. Yeah, bring it back, you know. If any of our kids wake us up in the middle of the night and ask us for a big knife, that’s a sign. Or to 

Cathy: feed us a big Italian dinner. Yes. Yes. That was good fellas. Everybody. Yes. 

Todd: Good fellas. And that was yours 

Cathy: obviously.

Cathy: Yeah, that was mine too. And we also did Pop Turing about Goodfellas. Oh, we didn’t we? Yeah. Yeah. Very good. We 


Todd: deep into that movie. Any parental ties to Goodfellas that we can offer just don’t do what they’re doing. Yeah. Yeah. It’s just don’t do what they’re doing. That’s very good. Overrated.

Todd: I didn’t have one. 

Cathy: Overrated. You don’t have any overrated movies. I’m sure you use that all the time. You’ll be like, this is overrated. 

Todd: I know, but I can’t think of the most overrated. 

Cathy: My most overrated movie. And sorry for all of you, like chil who like, love this movie, citizen Kane is boring. Oh wow. Okay.

Cathy: Citizen Kane, I took a cinema class, a few cinema classes in college. Everybody makes you watch Citizen Kane. If you look at the movies like Top 100 Movies of all Time, maybe it’s been kicked out recently, but everybody talks about Citizen Kane. It’s got a lot to do with how it was shot. The director was Orson Wells.

Cathy: It was a lot about lighting and things I didn’t understand at the time, but it’s boring. I’ve had I, I’m like, I don’t get it. How can this be the number one movie? So J Hot Take, 

Todd: I would love to say it’s overrated, but I’ve never seen it. Wow. I just asked the uhhuh, what the most overrated movies of all time are Uhhuh?

Todd: Number one is Avatar. Oh, interesting. 

Cathy: I liked Avatar 

Todd: Titanic. No, that’s a great one. Titanic’s the best English patient. Never seen it. Boring, but I, it was good. Forest Gump. Awesome. Awesome. Lala Land. 

Cathy: I was, 

Todd: eh, on Lala Land Da Vinci Code. That’s a good overrated. I mean, not a good, that’s a good selection.

Todd: Sure. 50 Shades of Gray. Oh, awful. Yeah. Ooh. Godfather. Part three. I don’t think it’s overrated. I think people hate that movie. Yeah. And then The Hobbit Trilogy, I 

Cathy: consider doing the Lord of the Rings thing, but I didn’t wanna make people mad. No. And I didn’t invest the way I did in Star Wars. Yeah. So it’s like, it’s hard for me to really be a spokesperson on that.

Todd: Yep. Romantic. Okay. Romantic movie. I actually chose romantic comedy. Okay. And I’m gonna play a clip for a minute. Here we go. Okay. 

[playing movie clip]

Yeah, it’s just an unbelievable. Great movie 

Cathy: and we have a pop culture ring about when Harry met Sally, as do well. There’s a lot of overlap here. And then another one, my favorite romantic movie is Say Anything. Oh. And I found it, it was, I watched say Anything when I was 18 and having the same experience, or 17 and having the same experiences that they were.

Cathy: It was a, it was one of those movies where it was like right at the exact same time I was that age getting ready, thinking about leaving for college. And I just, it, it’s interesting because I love Lloyd Dobber and I love the whole story, and I think they were. You know, I love all of it, but I couldn’t relate to the leaving the country or the leaving together.

Cathy: Yeah. Kind of thing. Like I didn’t, you know, I think a lot of people asked after that movie, will they stay together? And that’d be, it’ll be hard, right. I don’t know. I even knew then I thought, oh gosh, they have such different paths, but they needed each other then, and that’s all that matters. So, say anything is is beautiful and was also one of my favorite John Cusack, you know, performances cuz he had a lot of good stuff in the eighties.

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: the everybody in the background is just, I know. Again, it’s just so that whole scene is shot so perfectly. So Yes. That, and that’s another Cameron Crow movie.

Cathy: He also did Jerry McGuire and almost famous in a lot of other good ones. 

Todd: I don’t know how good this is gonna be, but I gotta 

Cathy: see. So we did romantic and now we are on 

Todd: cause of her father. Oh, I wanna do Lloyd Olden Boy. It’s such a good scene, but I can’t find it. That’s the same 

Cathy: scene.

Cathy: Yeah, I know. Did that one just end? Did that Oh it did. Okay. 

Todd: Finish it up. Okay, so next category is musical. Musical. I think I might, I’ve thought about doing Hamilton. Oh, that’s good. But was a play. Yeah, so it doesn’t really count. I 

Cathy: mean, they made it into a movie, but it’s not the origins, I guess. But 

Todd: instead, I chose this.

[playing movie clip]

Todd: And that is Blues Brothers Chicago. I’ve probably seen that movie, geez. I don’t even know how long or how many times, but it’s been dozens and dozens. Yeah. What do you have? 

Cathy: You know, I kind of went in a strange direction. I had written down a bunch of things, but then I realized the musical, because we have another one coming up that’s Best Soundtrack.

Cathy: That’s coming up in the second. So I kind of had to like, play with this. And my favorite musical is Tangled. Oh yeah. Interesting. Yeah. Like, this is the movie that I think it, it was really inspirational to me. I cried through Tangled the first time I watched it. I just could really relate, especially when she’s trying to leave and then she’s sad.

Cathy: She le left and then she’s excited she left. I was like, oh my God, that is so perfect. And then my girls loved this movie. We all as a family love this movie. We have so many jokes from this movie. I think it’s the best Disney. Move. I know Frozen’s great, everything’s great, but this one means the most to 

Todd: me.

Todd: I agree. And I’m just gonna put, I don’t know what scene to play, 

Cathy: Do. I, you know, I’ve got a dream that’s like my favorite scene. I’ve got some dreams. 

Todd: I’ve got some dreams. 

Cathy: Yeah. Like, there’s so many, there’s so much good humor in this movie too. Like, you know, they all have humor. You know, Toy Story was funny and everything, but I felt like the humor in Tangled was more my sense of humor.

Cathy: Like Maximus the Horse and then you’ve got like the whole thing with the frying pan and it’s just very funny.

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: Just great characters. So 

Todd: Tangled. Best soundtrack. No. Watch over and over. Watch over. Well, you already said Spotlight. Yeah. So I’m not gonna say that instead of just going to play this, which is a movie, you and I have seen a bazillion times 

[playing movie clip]

Todd: Sweetie. What’s that from? 

Cathy: God, I’m totally 

Todd: lost. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe you don’t know this. I’m 

Cathy: like, I’m I f I everybody, just so you know. I can’t see it. Yeah, I can only hear it. Oh, I know. I got it. Apollo 13. There you go. There it is. Okay. I was like, procedures. Procedures. It’s Apollo 13. Yeah. And 

Todd: it’s just a random movie that I think even maybe before we got married, we would pop this on before we were going to sleep.

Todd: And I don’t know. I just, I spent a year watching this as I was going to sleep. Lot 

Cathy: of good. We love everybody in this movie. A lot of good Gary Sinise stuff. 

Todd: Yeah. And Ed Harris. 

Cathy: Ed harris and Kevin Bacon. Yeah. So, yeah, it’s rough. So the, for me, watch over and over it for you and I, this is hard, right, right.

Cathy: Because how many movies do we watch over and over? Quite a few. And I had to, again, I had to kind of play with, I ended up with. I’m gonna tell you what I wrote down, but then as we’ve been going through, I realized is more true. I wrote down the Hangover. Okay. Okay. Which we actually just did a Pop Culturing on.

Cathy: I feel like it’s one of those movies I can put it on at any place. I can start it from the very beginning. I can put it on in the middle. I’ve watched it a million times. Again, we did whole show about it, so you can listen to that if you want to. But then the movie that I also watch over and over is The Fugitive.

Cathy: So this was hard for me. And what are 

Todd: you going with? I’m gonna go with The Hangover. Okay. That’s good because I have that queued up. Stu, you’re a dentist. Hey, don’t try and get the fancy, it’s an not fancy. If it’s true, he’s a dentist. Don’t get too excited. And if someone has a heart attack, you should still call 9 1 1.

Todd: Oh, that was a fun pop culture trip. We was, we did, we had a good time. Yeah, Bradley, it’s just the trio. Yeah. Bradley. 

Cathy: It’s, and it’s the original. It’s got the right vibe. Yeah. The other two were not good. Yeah. And this was unpredictable. And again, I’d never seen a show or a movie like it. 

Todd: So your next category that you sent to me is best soundtrack.

Todd: Yes. I assume what you mean is the best movie that has a good soundtrack. Well, best 

Cathy: soundtrack. All 

Todd: right. Well, you know, from a movie, I’m just gonna play this song and you’re gonna tell me what movie it’s from. 

Cathy: Oh, good one, Todd. Oh, thank you. I didn’t think about this one.

[playing song]

Todd: So this is a song called Drown by Smashing Pumpkins and it is from what movie my darling? Singles. And it was just in Yellow Jackets. 

Cathy: Yes. Yellow Jackets is using all the nineties music. Yes, they are. So it’s really fun to watch what they pick. 

Todd: And when I think of singles, I think of Bridget Fonda, who I had a big time crush on, and Matt Dillon, who’s hilarious.

Cathy: And we were, again, similar to say anything we were their age. Yeah. When the movie came out, we were the same age. It’s 

Todd: probably pretty impactful Yes. On movie experiences, cuz you can. Understand them better, which is probably why we like friends so 

Cathy: much. And exactly. And the music was so influential.

Cathy: Yeah. Like, you can’t, the, you can’t, singles is all about the music. It’s all about the soundtrack and the new sound that we were What do you got? I chose Purple Rain. Oh, of course. Yeah. Every so impactful. I think it came out when I was in seventh or eighth grade and it was the first movie that I saw on like a VHS tape.

Cathy: I remember good guy, friend of mine had a party and we all watched it together, which was incredible. And it’s Prince, I mean, what can I say? It’s the best of the best. Every song. Not just the popular ones. You know what, this is not the one I love Purple Rain, but play Let’s Go Crazy.

Cathy: That’s what starts the movie. So, oh, is that how it starts? Another thing that I love is a really good beginning to a movie, like where they just bring you in right away. And Purple Rain starts with this song, so it’s like it right away. You’re in his world. 

Todd: Let’s start from the top, shall we?

Todd: Sure.

[playing song]

Todd: Wow. They kind of chopped up the beginning. Well, that’s 

Cathy: probably the music video you’re showing. Oh, it’s 

Todd: just, I, it looks like it’s from the movie, but maybe I’m wrong. 

Cathy: I think in the movie it goes longer. I think in the video, the music video, they chopped it up a little bit. Yeah. Okay. But it’s hard to remember.

Cathy: But, you know, every song on there was amazing. Yeah. And you know, and sometimes when I go back and watch Purple Rain, I’m like, huh. You know, it’s a little, it’s not as, you know, it was good when I was young. The movie is a little iffy these days, but the music is awesome. So. 

Todd: You know, so I think I’m gonna like, screw up this next category.

Todd: Embarrassed to Love, because I’m not embarrassed to love it. I am actually proud of loving this movie. Okay. But most guys would not share. Hey, what movie do you like? I they, so this is typically known as a chick flick. Oh, okay. Do you have any idea what I’m about to play? 

Cathy: Let’s see. What movie do you love?

Cathy: That, is it The Notebook? No, but 

Todd: that’s a great movie. 

Cathy: What movie do you No, go ahead and play it. 

[playing movie clip]


Todd: Magnolias. Steel Magnolias. And I always remember that scene because she’s right. I, you know, I’m gonna catch flack for this. Were supposed to be these stoic, tough men who can handle anything and the part where Drum and then the husband bales.

Todd: Cuz they can’t handle it. They can’t handle it. And it makes sense to me. And it also makes sense that Sally Fields’s character is present. For when that baby showed up and she was present and strong enough and courageous enough for her to say goodbye when Shelby left. Be there for her. 

Cathy: Be there for her.

Cathy: Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I can’t imagine doing anything different. Right. Like, that’s women, you know? And I’m not saying men haven’t done that. I’m just saying that women would never leave. Right. You would never leave. Right. And you know, another Yellow Jacket’s callback Misty just did that whole speech she did two episodes ago.

Cathy: Yes she did. You did the whole steel Magnolia Sally Field thing. So what do you got? My Embarrassed to Love movie is Dumb and Dumber. Oh. I could also put Dumb and Dumber in the watch over and over again. Movie Dumb and Dumber got me through a really hard time in my twenties where I was having a breakup and I was gonna go live by myself for the first time.

Cathy: And I was changing careers and there was just a lot going on. And every night I watched Dumb and Dumber cuz I needed like levity. Well, 

Todd: and as I am. As I’m scrolling through the best scenes, it doesn’t really matter which one I play, other than the fact to say Jim Carey is just a total genius. I 

Cathy: like the you.

Cathy: Or you can do the, 

Todd: which one do you want me to do? Oh, I like that one 

Cathy: too. That’s fine. Well wait. But you 

Todd: we’re supposed to talk about all expenditures. Lloyd, we are on a very tight budget. This didn’t come outta our travel fund. No I was able to raise 25 

Cathy: extra bucks before we left. 

Todd: Where did you get 25 

Cathy: extra bucks?

Cathy: I sold some stuff 

Todd: to Billy and Poi The blind kid.

Todd: Yeah. 

Cathy: Yeah. He sold 

Todd: the bird Blind Kid Bird. Petey. Petey. That’s a good one, sweetie. Okay. That’s a good one. What’s the next ke? 

Cathy: We have two more left. Christmas. 

Todd: Oh yeah. This is a no-brainer. We probably have the same one, I think, or maybe not. No, you could get, okay, so here we go. You don’t have some fire?

Todd: No. Bethany, those are 

Cathy: Christmas lights. Don’t throw me down, Clark. I’ll 

Todd: try not to. 

Cathy: Aunt Bethany, is this the airport club? We’re here. Hey Grace, 

Todd: me and Bethany figured out the perfect gift for you. Oh, uncle Lewis, you didn’t have to buy me anything. Damn it. Bethany, he guest in. Oh, that 

Cathy: was fun. I love riding in cars.

Cathy: When did you move to Florida? Ellen, are you still dating Claw? Oh, and 

Todd: Beth is Rusty still in the navy? Rusty still in the Navy. Oh my God. Christmas vacation. One of the best sequels of all time. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Juliet Lewis. Yes. What do you have? I have diehard. Oh, interesting. Yeah. So now there’s a whole controversy on whether or not.

Todd: It is a Christmas movie. Of course 

Cathy: it’s a Christmas movie. Everybody. There’s Christmas music through the whole thing. He’s there for Christmas. They’re having a Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza. He’s going home to see his kids a Christmas, it’s a Christmas movie. So I know people will disagree with me, but that’s just, it’s Christmas movie.

Cathy: It is. And I will say that the reason that I’m choosing this as my favorite Christmas movie is we watch all the holiday movies, you know, in December. Like, Skyler makes a schedule. We, you know, we watch them all. But I get most excited for diehard day. Yes, I really do. And because it’s 

Todd: just, I figure you hear to negotiate.

Todd: Am I right? Oh, Bobby, you’re amazing. You figured this all out already. Hey, business is business. You use a gun, I use a fountain pin. What’s the difference? Let’s put it in my terms. You’re hearing a hostile takeover. You grab us for some green mail, but you didn’t expect some poison pill was gonna be running around in the building.

Todd: Am I right? Hanz Bobbi. I’m your white knight. I’m your white knight. Ellis. Ellis. He’s like one of the best, worst guys of 

Cathy: all time. No, he’s the worst. But he is. That’s our, in our family, that’s our favorite scene. Would you say that’s our favorite scene? [01:06:40] Probably 

Todd: Hans Booby, booby. And 

Cathy: the last one, Todd.

Cathy: Last one at last one. And then the final one is the one we couldn’t make fit in these 

Todd: categories, but did you gimme your.. Okay, so mine is. 

Cathy: Your last one is a sequel. Sequel. So this is the best sequel. 

[playing movie clip]

Cathy: Fredo Alfredo. So if you were thinking about Succession. Yeah. Who do you think is Fredo and who do you think’s Michael? Or do you think they’re just, that you can’t even categorize? 

Todd: No, I think there’s too much difference between it.

Todd: I mean, I think Kendall’s trying to be Michael. I 

Cathy: think Kendall’s trying to be Michael and he’s very Fredo ish. Yes. I think he really is. That’s exact. 

Todd: He embodies Michael 

Cathy: and Fredo. Yeah, he is. He’s like the combination of the two. Yeah. I think that SIV is kind of 

Todd: Michael. Yeah. We’re in the, we’re into 

Cathy: Succession, if you figure, sorry.

Cathy: Okay. So my favorite sequel is The Dark Knight. Oh, so Todd and I went to see The Dark. So I saw Batman Begins and thought it was good and deep. And I, you know, Christopher Nolan’s movies are amazing, but we went to see a Dark Knight in the theater, and I remember the first thing we experienced was we were sitting by a very young child, which bothered me.

Cathy: Tremendous amount. We did a se send parenting radio about it. Remember Todd? Yes, I did. I was so worried through the whole movie we had to move cuz I was so concerned about this kid. But then I remember you and I watched The Dark Night the first time. I always like to remember how I felt the first time and we walked out and I said, that is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Todd: It’s crazy. Yeah. Well, and it’s all about, I know Christian Bale, blah, blah, blah, but it’s all about, it’s all Heath fledger, Heath ledger. Yeah. His interpretation of that villain. Think about the Joker that we grew up on. Jack Nicholson’s? No. The one from the TV show. Oh. In the sixties and seventies. Like Yeah.

Todd: He’s just kind of a silly cartoon character type guy. Yeah. But Heath Ledger is just a chaos agent. A freaking scary dude. Okay. And then the last, oh, you’re not gonna play anything? Well, I tried, but it’s, I mean, there’s not much to play. Not much there 

Cathy: to, there’s no, like, you know, why so serious stuff?

Todd: Is that what he says? I don’t know that movie that well. Really. I 

Cathy: can find something. I do like to watch it. I don’t watch it over and over again the way I do the other movies, but I’ve seen it a lot. It’s a oh, well it, that’s fine Todd. You don’t need to play anything from it. Dark Knight.

Cathy: We’ll move on to our last category, which is the movie that, hold 

Todd: on. Oh. Like me, Greek guy like me. Look, listen, I know why you choose to have your little group therapy sessions in broad daylight. I know why you’re afraid to go out at night. The Batman. See Batman has shown Gotham your true colors.

Todd: Unfortunately, Dan, he’s just the beginning. 

Cathy: He’s creepy. He’s creepy. And I actually speaking of Heath Ledger, my first Western that I wrote down before I did Legends of the Fall, I did Broke Back Mountain. I still love that movie. And I love Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall in it, but I went to Legends of the Volk who was more honest about the movie that had more of an impact on. Right.

Cathy: But I love Brokeback Mountain too. So last movie that didn’t fit any categories, but we wanted to give it a shout out. 

Todd: Okay. Do you wanna go first or you want me to.

Cathy: No, you go ahead.

Todd: Oh boy. I mean, I have three movies written down and, but I’m looking at just one of them. Sco beat up Superman. What you 

Cathy: cracked?

Cathy: Oh yeah. It’s gotta be that Todd. Yeah, it’s gotta 

Todd: be that. 

Cathy: 7 cents. I haven’t found my pennies yet. Well, group 30 seven’s not bad. We A Charles 

Todd: is at the end of that little road. Yeah. I don’t know how, stand By Me did not get into any of my categories, but that’s the one that I felt 

Cathy: the need to mention. Yeah. Stand By Me. And then mine similarly is a coming of age movie.

Cathy: It’s the Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I considered putting in a few categories. It just didn’t fit perfectly. So I just wanted to give it a shout out because it is one of those movies, I can’t watch it over and over again because I do get too emotional. I don’t always cry, but I, it’s very intense for me and for a lot of different reasons.

Cathy: And I just found out that Melanie Linsky is the aunt in the movie. I didn’t know Melanie Linsky when I saw this the first time, and I just realized this. And she’s a favorite also from Yellow Jackets. This is our third Yellow Jackets call out. Obviously we love that movie, but perks are being a wallflower.

Cathy: Yeah. 

Todd: I don’t know the movie well enough to pick a scene, but just tunnel scene. I know, but will that play on audio? That one it’ll play the song. Oh, okay. Let me do that then. Arnold. And isn’t that like a famous song? 

Cathy: That’s a David Bowie We can be Heroes.

Todd: Yeah. Have our 

Cathy: kids seen that movie? Skylar has actually, no, JC has too. I don’t know if Cameron has 

Todd: is and this is the end of the movie. 

Cathy: I think this is the end. Yeah. I mean they play it a few times in the movie, but I think this is the end scene. Are they in the truck 

Todd: driving away? Yes they are. People are gonna get mad cuz we didn’t bring up Shaw Shank.

Todd: Okay. But I think that might be the most obvious omission that 

Cathy: Shaw, it didn’t really have a, I mean, except for favorite movie or movie that makes you cry. It didn’t really courtroom. It really wouldn’t have fit. It didn’t fit in these categories, but Shawshank is one of the best. There’s a lot.

Cathy: There’s just no way, you know, 

Todd: like, so let’s see how many we fit into it. So IMDB ranks the top 250 movies of all time. You’re not gonna go through all of ’em? Yeah. All two 50. No. Top 10. Okay. Josh Shank. So we missed that one. Okay. Godfather, we sort of talked about it. We got that Dark Knight. Yeah.

Todd: Got that Godfather part two. 12 Angry Men. Schindler’s List. Okay. Lord of the Rings. Hope Fiction. Oh, that would’ve been interesting. And another Lord of the Rings. And then lastly, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Okay. 

Cathy: So we hit about half of ’em. We hit about half of ’em. And hope Fiction.

Cathy: Gosh, I don’t know where I would’ve put it. Maybe 

Todd: mob. Yeah, it’s not really a 

Cathy: mob movie though. Yeah. Could have been best soundtrack. Yeah. They have a great soundtrack. That’s true. But yes, so that’s so that’s good. Well, Todd, thanks for sharing and everybody if you love movies, maybe you enjoyed this one very much.

Cathy: And hopefully if you do love, you know, talking about or listening to movies, go over to pop culture and follow. And for those of you who are ready for us to talk about something deeper, more self-awareness, more connection and mindfulness, we’ll be back next week. 

Todd: Yeah. We’ll, and I think we’re gonna talk about swearing.

Cathy: Yeah. About swearing. Why it’s actually. Okay. Is that what you’re standing on, Todd? 

Todd: We’re gonna dive deep into swearing. How do we deal with kids, you know, when they’re four, how do we deal with them? They’re swearing when they’re 14. All right. All that other stuff. I always wanna say thank you to our partner Jeremy Kraft.

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