Todd and Cathy discuss NFL player Dak Prescott’s willingness to discuss depression and why there was backlash. They process the yin and yang of emotions and why challenge makes us stronger, not weaker. They also discuss whether vulnerable pictures of our kids should be posted on social networking, and how the Japanese art of Kintsugi is a visual representation of falling apart and piecing ourselves back together more beautifully.

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1:39 The Happily Family Conference is a free virtual event that is life changing and global. It’s for parents who come together for a few days online, from over 187 countries, to learn how to raise resilient and connected kids in an anxious world. Cathy and I are presenting on racial justice, spiritual bypassing and why white parents need to talk about race. To get your free ticket go to  (that’s “happily like happily ever after”). It all goes live on Oct 5th at

2:24 What Dads Miss Workshop with John Duffy & Todd Adams Wednesday, September 23rd @ 7:00 PM

3:06 Parents posting pictures of their kids

12:22 Depression- Dak Prescott

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