Todd and Cathy discuss what it means to experience messy and how messy, but necessary, conversations can cause discomfort and uncertainty. They discuss why others are not always bad or wrong, and how we can see the nuance and grey in every situation. They discuss how enlightening or self-aware moments can look different for everybody, and how a Good Will Hunting moment isn’t the only example of catharsis.

3:06 What’s messy look like?

6:37 Good Will Hunting Clip

9:03 Emotional labor

17:22 The toilet seat

29:09 Teeth Brushing

34:10 Team Zen

35:45 Examples of messy

37:30 Awakening

40:58 Short-term vs long-term

45:00 The word nag

52:40 How to fight

59:07 When kids don’t do what we want them to do

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