To celebrate their 500th episode and 8 years of podcasting, Todd and Cathy talk with their daughters Jacey (16), Camryn (14), and Skylar (11) about their experiences with “zen” parenting, and discuss the issues confronting teens and pre-teens today. Todd and Cathy also announce the launch of their new podcast, Pop Culturing – they discuss movies, tv shows and books, and break down key moments and little-known facts to touch upon underlying themes of self-awareness and what it means to be human.

Time Stamps

9:35- What do parents need to know

10:54-How was your day featuring Camryn

13:32 featuring Jacey

15:55 Pink Floyd

17:47 Unnecessary rules parents give

18:52 Are we too lenient as parents

21:22 What about grounding and punishment

24:33 Screentime

26:23 Studying

36:19 Sex

52:44 Mental health days- good or bad?

59:20 Birth order

1:07 Things we do that are annoying

1:15 Thing we do that are not annoying

1:21:54- Big announcement of “Pop Culturing”

24:42 Welcomb- Lice & Removal Kit

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Team Zen- Enter coupon code “Jan” for 1 free month

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