Todd and Cathy talk with Gemma Hartley, author of Fed Up. They discuss emotional labor, how it affects partnership and parenting, and why it needs to be an evolving and ongoing conversation. Gemma will be taking questions during our Team Zen talk on June 4th – click here to join Team Zen and participate.

Time Stamps

1:49 What is emotional labor?

6:08 “Tell me what to do.”  Helping vs being in charge of the household

8:00 Is there a difference b/w a full-time mom and a professional mom?

11:02 Perfectionism

13:02 Are moms more biologically more nurturing than dads?

18:27 Post partum depression

23:27 Why do guys gets so defensive?

26:07 Invisible labor

37:13 What are guys missing?

40:15 Are we speaking different languages?

52:52 Why do we want to win?

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Team Zen- Enter coupon code “Jan” for 1 free month

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