Todd and Cathy discuss why parental self-awareness is essential when our kids are making their life decisions. They discuss how our history plays a role in what we think is best for our kids, and why we need to be clear about what “success” means. They discuss why what worked for us may not work for them, and why staying connected is dependent on honest and vulnerable communication.

Time Stamps

5:11 Amazon Alexa Skill

6:50 Question- Mom needs support in deciding what school their 6th grader should attend

17:24 Shawn Achor’s research on happiness

26:47 When in doubt, move towards connection

30:53 Shampoo moving episode

33:40 Where does judgement come from?

34:55 Top 5 qualities for your kids teacher

36:42 ImPACT Baseline Test– Enter “zen25” to get 25% off your baseline test.

37:42 Is it more difficult to be a kid these days

41:35 Extra-curricular activities

49:12 David Serrano from Edward Jones- cell phone # 815-370-3780

49:32 Threads Worldwide

58:25  ZPR Conference

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Team Zen- Enter coupon code "Jan" for 1 free month
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Painting or remodeling needs?  Check out Avid Co.


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