Todd and Cathy discuss why focusing on simple allows other things to flow more easily, and why aligning with what feels right allows determination, grit, and curiosity to show up naturally. They discuss why Equifinality (the fact that there are many different pathways to the same outcome) is important to acknowledge when we are making choices for ourselves or for our children.

Time Stamps

4:30 Simplicity, patience, & compassion from the Tao

5:12 Birth stories

10:08 Grit

17:30 Zone of genius

19:00 Liz Gilbert’s butterflies

31:42 ImPACT Baseline Test– Enter “zen25” to get 25% off your baseline test.

34:56 Equifinality

40:07 The importance of play

46:54 Get curious about your kids

52:11 ZPR Conference

52:42 YOUNIVERSITY – Pursue Life Fearlessly

53:52 Team Zen- 0 Pressure, 100% support Enter coupon code “Jan” for 1 free month

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Zen Parenting Conference
Team Zen- Enter coupon code “Jan” for 1 free month
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Painting or remodeling needs?  Check out Avid Co.



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