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Todd and Cathy share different questions asked by Team Zen members during Zen Talks. Team Zen was created based on feedback from listeners – they wished they could ask Cathy+Todd a question, get resources for a specific challenge, and find a supportive and interactive community. Team Zen does all of this, and more. It includes two live ZenTalks a month, a private Facebook page with resources and Q&A, a premium podcast, and an opportunity to connect with a community of Zen Parents, just like you.

Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro to Team Zen

8:41 Daughter is shut down and won’t talk

14:09 Mom is struggling with self-care

19:39 9 Year old son is getting teased at school

27:45 6th grader is struggling in school in regards to time management

33:01 Do seedless grapes taste better?

35:55 Homework organization

41:53 Nothing left to give

49:32 15 year old daughter is lying to me

58:48 Fostering gratitude in children


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