Cathy and Todd discuss Brandi Carlisle’s song The Joke, and why it was written for people who feel “under-represented, unloved or illegal”. They talk about the newest sexual assault allegations, and what needs to be done to create change. The discuss the dignity of George HW Bush, and why his agenda while in office was surprising.

Time Stamps

0:54 I Am Evidence Screening

3:10  Get Your Brave On ZPR Conference

3:58 Team Zen Update

6:52 “Welcome to human existence.” Cathy Adams

9:45 Newest sexual assault allegations

20:41 Canvas People– To get your FREE canvas text “Zen” to 48-48-48. Just pay shipping and handling. This offer won’t last. Text Zen to 4-8-4-8-4-8. That’s “Zen” to 484848

22:05 The Joke by Brandi Carlile

41:55 George H.W. Bush

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48:10 Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

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