Cathy and Todd discuss power dynamics within relationships – specifically who has it, how to share it, and how to talk about it. They discuss why taking a measured approach to power – with our kids, in our partnerships, and even on-line – has the potential to teach compassion and deepen relationships. They discuss why stepping back is sometimes necessary, why stepping forward can be powerful, and why This Is Us leads to great family discussions.

Time Stamps

2:13 Being Measured

4:30 Todd’s passive aggressive response to a kid was struggling

14:26 Story on the Arm Chair Expert podcast

18:02 Everything is human interaction

29:50 Dr. Appts/breast exams

34:51 This Is Us/Todd’s need to fix everything

43:16 Grocery store battle between three women

47:16 RAGE by Glennon Doyle

50:00 How men can support women regarding equality

57:13 Derek Black White Nationalist recovery

1:02:03 Team Zen- 

1:07:16 Paining or remodeling needs?  Check out Avid Co.  

1:06:35  Get Your Brave On ZPR Conference

Resources/Videos used on today’s show

Holding Space: How Men Can Support Women’s Rage

The Center For Nonviolent Communication

Glennon Doyle – author, activist, philanthropist, creator of the online community Momastery, and founder and president of Together Rising, a nonprofit for women and children in crisis – who invites us to turn our RAGE to change every Friday from Oct 5 through Nov 23 by joining #BlackFridays. Together, she invites us to:

Represent Act Gather Exit

Here’s how:

1 Sign the petition to join the movement.

2 If you want to start easy, wear black in solidarity on Fridays. Tell people why, and/or post on social media with #BlackFridays so that other women can find us.

3 Go deeper by learning more here, where you can read more about the movement and find weekly each week until November 23.


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