Todd and Cathy discuss the history of not believing women, and why recognizing what we’ve missed and creating change can be messy and difficult. They share clips from a Hidden Brain podcast about how social proof and horizontal action play a role in the #metoo movement, the truth about Anita Hill’s testimony (click here to hear the “You’re Wrong About…” podcast), and why the Duke Lacrosse story became nationally known (click here to see the 30 for 30 documentary trailer). They share the history of “female hysteria”, and why recognizing our own biases and beliefs will allow us to be more compassionate toward ourselves and empathetic toward others.

Time Stamps

17:57 Social proof

34:30 Horizontal violence

59:44  Team Zen- 

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61:11  Get Your Brave On ZPR Conference

Resources/Videos used on today’s show

Hidden Brain Podcast

You’re Wrong About… Podcast

30 for 30 documentary Trailer


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