Todd and Cathy discuss “moral outrage” and how to use it to create positive change. They explain how society tends to value a clean and concise way of thinking, but how thinking out of the box or seeing the bigger picture can lead to greater compassion and connection. They discuss how to support a child who doesn’t want to share, why spaghetti thinking is as important as waffle thinking, and why wide open spaces are helpful.

Time Stamps

5:32 Women, wine and wellness @ Tree of Life Chiropractic care

5:45 Moral outrage by Joan Halifax

11:17 Stepping into the discomfort when your child is sad

22:41 To see if you qualify and get your free quote today

24:49 Thinking differently

41:46 Daniel Murphy paternity example

53:33 Four male archetypes discussion



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Mindfulness, Waffles, & Road Rage

Paternity Leave or Play Ball!


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