Cathy and Todd discuss how to recognize when we are showing up authentically rather than performing. They also discuss how to deal with a child who seems consistently disappointed, and why taking responsibility for our own behavior is key. Todd shares a clip about investing from Freakonomics, Cathy discusses the joy of Funko characters, and they offer some wisdom from Tommy Boy.

Time Stamps

:58 Cathy finds a new way of explaining something old

3:35 Tommy Boy talk

4:00 Quick take on investing- passive and active investing- played a clip from Freakonomics- The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money

11:25 Tommy Boy clip

12:36 Discussion on Funko

16:00 Jonathan Fields lesson of less show, more soul

25:34 Question from listener- My 7 year old is having hard time with disappointment from high expectations

41:32 To see if you qualify and get your free quote today

42:48  Kind Snacks Partnership– To pick up your free sample box go to

43:55 When our children are disappointed

48:02- Tools to cultivate mindfulness after the awareness

57:54 Guys, looking for a coach?

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