Cathy and Todd discuss the question that they hear the most – “How can I get my partner to….” – they discuss why this question is multi-layered, messy, and not easily answered. They discuss why wanting to change others feels easier than changing ourselves, why true wisdom comes from quiet, and the life-changing advice Oprah has for all people.

Time Stamps

2:52 Missing the window of time to do household stuff

9:48 How Do I Get My Partner To….

32:24 Kind Snacks Partnership– To pick up your free sample box go to

33:44 HealthIQ Life Insurance– To see if you qualify and get your free quote today

Ancient wisdom from a young girl

50:48 Advice from Oprah to young women via Good Morning America

58:08 Taylor Swift makes Cathy cry

1:10:49  Tree Of Life Chiropractic Care & Avid Painting & Remodeling

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