Todd and Cathy discuss The Gentle Warrior’s Manifesto to Reduce Busyness from Courtney Carver’s book, Soulful Simplicity, and they discuss a Freakonomic’s podcast titled After the Glass Ceiling, A Glass Cliff, about why only 5% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women. They share why men and women eat Doritos differently, why we need to linger longer, and why Cathy loves Lionel Richie.

Time Stamps

2:52 Discussion of After the Glass Ceiling, a Glass Cliff

5:20 Are women more likely to get a CEO job when the firm is in trouble?

9:12 A hypothesis of why this happens (the mother complex)

14:22 Do men and women eat Doritos differently?

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27:10 Lionel Richie discussion

31:59 Gentle Warrior’s manifesto to End Busyness

  1. I will not say yes when my heart says no.
  2. I will measure more by what’s in my heart and less by what’s crossed off my list.
  3. I will prioritize love and health.
  4. I will ask for help.
  5. I will work with people who want my best, not my busiest.
  6. I will ask better questions so we don’t have to talk about how busy we are.
  7. I will not let my phone run my life.
  8. I will trade my FOMO for JOMO.
  9. I will create space for solitude.
  10. I will linger longer.

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