Cathy and Todd discuss why we are always evolving, and share a clip from The Robcast about why humility is essential. They discuss why it’s never too late to excel at sports or other activities, why procrastination may not be such a bad thing, and why Slow TV on Netflix is so soothing.

Time Stamps

1:53 Quick Takes Never too late-  Famous people who started their careers later than normal.

14:20 Zen Parenting Conference Partner – Young Living Essential Oils Nicole Whitlow

15:45 Robcast Seatbelts & Snowflakes

32:00 Cathy’s story of shame spirals and discussion of emotions

41:02 Kind Snacks Partnership– To pick up your free sample box go to

42:17 HealthIQ Life Insurance– To see if you qualify and get your free quote today

48:57 Listen To Slowing Down

1:10:12 Tree Of Life Chiropractic Care & Avid Painting & Remodeling

Resources/Videos used on today’s show

Can Youth Sports Be Fun AND Competitive? John O’Sullivan Says Yes.



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