Todd+Cathy discuss how to “let go” and “bring in” for the new year, and how to wake up to our lives in 2018. They discuss how Steve Bartman and Bill Buckner became the scapegoats for their perspective cities pain, and how we tend to project all blame on one person or event in our own lives. They explain why the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment work well together, and why humor is essential in the midst of challenges.

Time Stamps

4:30 New Year’s comments

8:49 Steve Bartman, Bill Buckner

17:40 1+1=3

18:23 Mirror neurons

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23:10 Soulful simplicity

26:20 Wake-up call & how to know when you’re “asleep”

  • If your life is on autopilot
  • If you never put yourself first
  • If you’ve become you don’t recognize to please other people
  • Do you chase some version of success that doesn’t resonate with you
  • If you’re constantly self-medicating with food, shopping, alcohol, tv, phone, social networking, gaming,
  • If you’re worn down, beat up stressed out and completely depleted.

41:22 Science of achievement vs the art of fulfillment

52:30 Clip of Kylo Ren as “Matt” form Saturday Night Live

55:39 Cheryl strayed clip

56:40 Macgill First Aid Kit

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