Cathy and Todd discuss The Five Invitations, a book that shows us how to wake up fully to our lives. As a compassionate teacher and cofounder of the Zen Hospice Project, author Frank Ostaseski supports the dying. His five invitations dive into the suffering, joy, and inevitability of death, and why embracing this wisdom will lead to a more mindful and compassionate life. Cathy and Todd use clips from Dead Poets Society and Star Wars to highlight his points, and discuss why this book empowered them to live with greater intention and meaning.

Time Stamps

1:40 Introduction to The Five Invitations

10:44 Invitation #1 Don’t Wait

16:22 Dead Poets Society Clip

24:06 Invitation #2 Welcome Everything and Push Away Nothing

34:15 Canvas People– Enter “zen” for your free 11″ X 14″ Canvas

35:29 Star Wars Clip (Obi-Won and Darth Vader) regarding death

41:33 Invitation #3 Bring Your Whole Self To The experience

47:05 Invitation #4 Find A Place Of Rest In The Middle Of Things

53:49 Invitation # 5 Cultivate A Don’t Know Mind

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